The Rusty Scupper is a long-established restaurant that recently finished a huge renovation. Boasting the best view in the city (and it was gorgeous), it felt a little formal. The manager assured us that families and casual wear are the norm, especially in the summer – except maybe for the many couples who get engaged overlooking the water.

The stuffed shrimp and crab cakes were almost as good as the peel-n-eat shrimp. The bouillabaisse was too salty for my taste but with that view it didn’t matter.

Everyone knows Vaccaro’s Italian Pastries in the Little Italy section of Baltimore.  The place was packed with Italian pastry and gelato lovers.  We sampled every flavor of gelato they offered as well as their famous cannolis.  It wasn’t quite the good and the ones I ate in Italy, but iot was a close second, which means it is really good. 

Fran Capo in LIttle Italy in Baltimore

Located smack in the center of the Inner Harbor activity, we enjoyed the Hard Rock Cafe’s signature hamburgers.   The manager suggested we try the cookie pie even though we were so full that we had no room to spare.  I was ashamed of myself for fork fencing TravelingAdventureMom for the last bite.  It was incredible, like cookies and ice cream on steroids. It’s not available at all Hard Rock Cafe sites.  But you can find it in Baltimore.  If good burgers and comforting desserts aren’t enough, the Hard Rock offers live outdoor concerts in the summer. 

A MUST EAT is Woodberry Kitchen, a farm-to-table restaurant that offers everything from dry, aged bison to delicious sorbet.  Our server, Caroline, impressed us by knowing just what to suggest we taste.  Even though we liked some items more than others, all were tasty, creative and fabulously presented.  My favorite dish, forks down, was the chilled beets.  I love beets (as of only two years ago) and taste them whenever they are offered.  This dish was absolutely the best I have encountered.  Three types of beets, a yogurt dollop and sprinkling of sea salt and the dish was perfection.  The trumpet mushrooms that accompanied the grilled rockfish were out of this world and the peach sorbet was incredible.  We asked our neighboring foodies about their experience and they heralded our opinion.

Try the café with frozen custard–that’s right, a cup of coffee with a dollop of frozen custard. Yum.

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