baltimore_teavolveEver been out with a group of girls where everyone is in the mood for something different? Some want cocktails, some want tea, a few want coffee and all are hungry? In Baltimore, the solution that problem is Teavolve. Teavolve is more than a teahouse with gourmet teas and coffees, it is a cafe and lounge with gourmet food and tea-infused cocktails. All are reasonably priced and the atmosphere is tranquil and groovy.

And, in the perfect bow to a girlfriends getaway, Teavolve offers “healthy cocktails.”  Those include tea-infused vodkas such as Organic Himalayan Green Tea Vodka.  They only use agave nectar or evaporated cane sugar for sweetening and all fruit is fresh.  Some tasty titles to choose from:  Forbidden (passion fruit and mandarin orange fruit purees, Organic Himalyan green tea, rum) or the Royal Mar-Tea-Ni (House-infused Organic Earl Greay Vodka, agave nectar, Dash of fresh lemon juice, with a lemon-raw sugar rim).  

Owner Sunni treated me to a loose leaf Rooibos chai tea that I still daydream about, an eggwhite veggie omelet and a yogurt parfait. My girlfriend, Fran, the World’s Fastest Talking Female, did not say much while she enjoyed Teavolve’s famous waffles with strawberries. 


Most chai teas I have had have been sweet with a hint of cinnamon and maybe cloves if I am lucky.  Sunni explained that the secret to great flavor is to use loose leaf tea, not bagged tea. She is right.  The Rooibos Chai I had was spicy – with a kick at first sip -then it smoothed out beautifully a second later.  The flavor, like the aroma, had a richness to it that tasted so good, it did not require additional sweetening.  It really is that good.

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