baltimore_robotsJust outside of Baltimore is Hampden (they don’t pronounce the p for some reason). Cool, funky and home to the world’s greatest girlfriends getaway: a store that sells shoes and chocolate. It’s called Ma Petit Shoe, but they could have named it Heaven.

American Visionary Art Museum is what I think an art museum should be:  eclectic, contemporary, passionate and fun — ranging from a collection of drawings by 112-year-olds to the Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race, in which the floats and sculptures compete for the Mediocre Award.  Outside on Fridays, pull up some grass on the green and watch free movies on the wall of the museum.

For the low-down on two other Baltimore museums that might be better destinations when you’re traveling with kids on a family vacation than during a girlfriends getaway, see our story on Sports Legends at Camden Yards and Geppi’s Entertainment Museum.

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