skimboard1Alley Oop Skim, located in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, Florida, offers skimboarding camps and clinics to the novice as well the expert skimboarder. My son was thrilled to be able to join the last day of one of the clinics during the Family Fun Week.

Skimboarding is a water sport that uses a board to glide across the ocean’s surface. Unlike surfing, a skimboard is smaller and does not have fins. The skimboarder stands on the shore away from the ocean and waits for a wave to come in. When the skimboarder sees a wave, he or she run towards it, drops the board, and jumps on it quickly. Ideally, the board will skim the top of the water and the more confident the skimboarder, the more tricks they can do.

After a morning of warming up, running around in the sand and listening to directions, my son was ready to try skimboarding on his own.



I was very impressed by Alley Oop’s staff. Each teacher was kind and patient with the students and managed to keep track of a rather large group of children ranging in ages from elementary age to high school. Their devotion to the sport and their love for the ocean was apparent and the children attending the camp soaked it up like a sponge.

Guess what my seven year old wants for his birthday?

*Thank you to Alley Oop for inviting my kids to join the clinic. All opinions are my own with no outside influence.