Visiting a dog friendly Miami Beach hotel, as told by Eli the Traveling Dog to Cameron Reiss, is the ultimate canine adventure: The Marriott Stanton South Beach not only welcomed Eli, the hotel’s friendly staff and comfy room were a bonus to the park next door, the CitiBike station nearby and the many, many outdoor restaurants that South Beach offers. That means that a Traveling Dog gets to eat in the finest places! 

Life’s a Beach for this Dog

Dog friendly hotel Miami Beach

Eli’s favorite feature of the room at the Marriott Stanton South Beach? The terrace that let him check out all the action on the terrace below. Photo by Scotty Reiss / Driving TravelingMom

What’s better than the life of a dog? Life is simple, fun, and sometimes, tiring. My name is Eli, and I’m a rat terrier who loves to sleep in the sun all day, chase squirrels (or the occasional bird), and eat steak and chicken when my family shares it with  me.

I love my family—they love to take me with them everywhere they go; they would never leave me in a kennel, thanks to my big brown puppy eyes. When they found a hotel near the beach that welcomed dogs so I didn’t have to dress up like human to stay, we hopped in the car and drove from Connecticut to Miami Beach for a short vacation.

Dog Friendly Miami Beach

Ahh, Miami. It might be the happiest place in the world for a dog. First, it’s warm and sunny, and did I mention, I love the sun? I could lay in the sun all day long.

With all sorts of different outside activities for humans, I can go almost everywhere my family goes, except the beach (although there is a beach a bit further north that welcomes dogs, I have been told). The best part was all the outdoor restaurants. I got to sit right with my family for every meal, enjoy the company, the snacks my sisters gave me from their plates and catch any food that fell on the ground. Some restaurants even brought me my own water bowl, so I could stay hydrated.

We stayed in a hotel called Marriott Stanton South Beach. In one word I can only describe it as: Wowzer. The room was comfortable and had lots of places for me to relax, from the king-sized bed in the bedroom to a sofa, a chair, a roll away bed and a sunny spot on the balcony. I didn’t even need to bring my own bed!

Dog friendly hotel Miami Beach

Hanging out in the sun is Eli’s favorite activity; he got plenty of time for that at the Marriott. Photo: Scotty Reiss / Driving TravlelingMom

Friendly Staffers Made My Stay Great

I really liked the hotel staff, too; they have a soft spot for a fellow on four legs, so the service was always top-notch. And because I was allowed almost everywhere in the hotel, my family didn’t have to worry about leaving me in the room while they went to the pool; I could just come right along with them (I was not allowed anywhere near the water, though, which is fine with me; I’m not a fan).

The hotel had long hallways to run down, and a patio that has plenty of birds flying by that I could try to catch. There were big terraces on the hotel’s main level that I could run on, and just outside on the street there were lots of friends to meet, especially at Starbucks at breakfast time.

A Miami Beach Park Perfect  for Dogs

While I enjoyed running in the hallway, it was more fun to run in the  park right next door. Let me repeat RIGHT NEXT DOOR! Dogs big and small, hunters and diggers, players and runners can be found here, and it’s a sniffin’ heaven.

Dog friendly hotel Miami Beach

Miami Beach’s Marriott Stanton has a park right next door, and it’s perfect for Eli’s morning and afternoon walks. Photo: Scotty Reiss / Driving TravelingMom

For a really good run, and when your family wants a nice ride along the parks or streets of Miami, convince them to rent a CitiBike. My family rented one and rode the whole beach front through Lummus Park while holding my leash. I got to run, stroll and sniff the entire length of the park. It is the most fun you can have on vacation. Plus CitiBikes are great! These bikes let my family jump on and off wherever they want all over town, and I got to run and sniff to my heart’s content.

Dog friendly hotel Miami Beach

The pool where Eli was NOT allowed to go near the water, but was allowed to hang out on a lounge chair nearby. Photo: Scotty Reiss /Driving TravelingMom

Sad to Leave, but I’ll be Happy to Return

I can’t wait to go back to Miami. And my family can’t wait to take me back. Just in case they forget, I will keep whining until they bring me back.

Eli the Traveling Dog is a 5-year-old rat terrier who was rescued from a shelter by his family four years ago. He loves to travel, sample exotic cuisines and makes friends everywhere he goes.

Dog friendly hotel Miami Beach

A Citibike station right outside the hotel let Eli and his family see the whole beach front on a fun ride through town. Photo: Scotty Reiss / Driving TravelingMom

Dog friendly hotel Miami Beach

Eli’s other favorite hotel room feature: The plush king sized bed. Now, if only there were one for his family, too! Photo: Scotty Reiss / Driving TravelingMom