Miami Auto Show

Photo credit: Kim Orlando / TravelingMom

Auto shows are no longer just for men. As auto manufacturers work harder to attract female customers, auto shows are becoming more woman- and family-focused. Here are five reason why women should attend the Miami Auto Show:

1) You are in the market for a car for yourself or the new driver in your family.  Most car manufacturers are represented at the Miami Auto Show so it’s one stop shopping. There are product specialists, not sales people, on the floor to overload you with information about each model.

2) Your kids/teens need a day out. There are several interactive displays at the Miami Auto Show where your kids can “drive,” ride, win prizes, collect free gear and take photos.

3) Date night needs a new spin. Cars + beach + nice hotels on the beach = great date weekend. Miami is warm and wonderful. You can hit the beach in between Miami Auto Show visits.  And there is nightlife after the Auto Show.

4) You need to reset your goals. Take a walk down Millionaire Alley and aspire to owning the $300,000 Ferrari wagon.

5) It’s a crowd pleaser. You can bring young kids, teens, young adults, friends, and grandparents and everyone will find something for them.

Looking at cars is not my usual idea of a day of shopping, however, I found myself in the driver’s seat at the Ford interactive display, texting to win a free set of ear buds at the Chevy exhibit and getting in and out of at least a dozen cars in anticipation of my next car.  All that was missing was my date.