Getting away with your girlfriends is a must, but picking the perfect location can be a real challenge.  There are always so many factors and opinions to consider.  Everyone might have different budgets, desires, food needs, like different activities, and some just want to do nothing.  Then, there is the actual location issue.  Well, I found the perfect spot at the Club Med Sandpiper Bay Resort that should please everyone and can work for friends of any age.  In fact, if you need or want to, you can even bring the kids!

why club med sandpiper bay resort is a great girlfriends' getaway

A gorgeous view at Club Med Sandpiper Bay Resort. Photo credit Dana Zucker, Luxe Traveling Mom.

Recently, I was invited to explore the Club Med Sandpiper Bay Resort for a few days and I immediately wanted to call my girlfriends, young adult daughter, mom, and sister to get down there with me.  I had so much fun and got to do activities I’ve either never done or rarely get a chance to do. I just couldn’t wait to share it all with my girlfriends. And, let me tell you, once there, you don’t have to leave.  Well, you have to leave when your stay is over no matter how hard it is. You just won’t want to.

Why?  Well, here are six reasons that make Club Med Sandpaper Bay the perfect girlfriends’ getaway…


Club Med Sandpiper Bay is located in St. Lucie, Florida.  With two airports, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, within an easy drive or car transfer, everyone has ample choices is finding flights that work from their home base.  I prefer West Palm as it’s a little closer to the resort and a much smaller airport.

Yes, it’s in Florida and it’s not on the ocean or gulf, but it’s a short drive away and it’s located in a very residential area on St. Lucie River, so it’s private and secluded.  I thought, oh, I’ll take the shuttle to the beach, but guess what – I never did, because I didn’t need to.

why club med sandpiper bay resort is a great choice for a girlfriends' getaway

A beach at Club Med Sandpiper Bay Resort. Photo credit Dana Zucker, Luxe Traveling Mom.

The resort is located in a small cove on the river with a few of its own beautiful beaches.  The water is brackish, so you have the opportunity to see river dolphins, rays, and even manatees.  The cove provides a safe calm area for swimming, stand up paddle boarding, sailing, and other water sports.  The river stretches out allowing for motorized water sports, also.


Right in the middle of it all is the one and only L’Occitane Spa.  From the moment you arrive for your treatment, you feel removed from the resort and the products make each treatment so unique.  Once you have a bit of detox tea and a cool treated towel, you are escorted to the locker room to change into a comfy robe to slip outside to the Relax Zone, literally an oasis to sip tea or citrus water and just be.

Each treatment room is specially designed for the ultimate experience.  There are couples’ rooms if you choose or private rooms.  There is also a full salon where you can get your nails and/or hair done. I was visiting with four other people for massages.  We each had a different therapist and we all spoke very highly about their technique. After our massages, we were taken back to the Relax Zone where we enjoyed our beverages and a bowl of dried fruits and almonds.  I think we sat there relaxing for nearly an hour.

a spa treatment at Club Med Sandpiper Bay Resort

Enjoying a spa treatment at Club Med Sandpiper Bay Resort. Photo credit Dana Zucker, Luxe Traveling Mom.

The only regret I had was that I waited until the last day to visit the spa. Had I not, I totally would have scheduled additional services.  The staff is fabulous and helped me to pick out the products that best fit my needs to take home.  If you feel bad about having left the girlfriends at home, you can also get help from the staff to pick out the perfect little gift.


There is so much that is included on the activity side that you could enjoy yourself for days.  From the four pools to beaches for hanging out and relaxing at to dancing the night away while cocktailing, you will never be wanting for entertainment.  And for the ladies in the group who need to stay busy, there is tennis, golf, trapeze, volleyball, stand up paddling, sailing, cardio classes, yoga, water skiing, and on and on.  Plus, each night there is entertainment and then the bar, Slice, stays open until 1 a.m.  The energy is so high that even I danced until near midnight one night.

I enjoyed a wide variety of activities, including tennis, golf, water skiing, and volleyball and the trapeze, which I had never done before.  It really didn’t matter, as at 48, I pushed myself with the guidance of the fabulous professionals and even became a little competitive.  The pros are on the courts and course with you, teaching small groups the basics or refreshers.  And, if you want to extend your lesson, you can pay for a private or small group lessons, as well.  When I say professionals, they are retired pros who have won major awards and coaching awards.  They work your tush off, but lovingly.

why club med sandpiper bay resort is a great girlfriends' getaway

Enjoying a volleyball lesson at Club Med Sandpiper Bay Resort. Photo credit Dana Zucker, Luxe Traveling Mom.

The trapeze and water skiing made me the most anxious, but the pros were patient, kind, and supportive.  Although I was not able to meet my goal of hanging upside down on the trapeze, they left me wanting to try again.  When I got a bit tired from jumping the wakes and needed a break, the instructor slowed down for me to rest and brought the boat around to give me some pointers to make my run back in great.  Whether you do it all or do nothing, the options are there, but I would say to give it all a try no matter how nervous you are.


We all know that each of us set a different budget for travel and when traveling with our girlfriends, we need to be respectful of this.  This is why I love the Club Med model.  There is a base price based on room type and food, but with alcohol and most activities included.  There are also special packages you can purchase.  Honestly, with what is included in the “all-inclusive” package, you really don’t need a thing more.

The rooms are such you can also have 2-3 BFFs share a room comfortably with the deluxe family rooms.  The price is per person.  For those who want to maintain that budget while adding a bit more activity, you can buy the active plan.  Or for those who choose, you can add water sports, golf and more.  Club Med Sandpiper Bay is also adding free water skiing and free golf for certain months, so those would be great times to visit.

why club med sandpiper bay is a great girlfriends' getawayIn terms of what is not included in the base price, I must say that the resort has a fabulous wine room.  Granted, the house wine that is included is always a great choice, but for a special dinner you may want to buy a great bottle.  Spa treatments are also extra and range in price, so each person may choose to indulge or not.  The reality is that everyone can be comfortable finding things to do within their own budget once there.

Girlfriend Time

Girlfriends can be your gal pals, young adult and adult children, moms, aunts, and more.  No matter who you are with and no matter what the ages, Club Med Sandpiper Bay is easy to get around for all.  There is ample space all over the resort for small or large groups to gather.  If you are gathering for a special occasion, let the staff know and they will make sure they meet your needs.  The rooms are also large and comfy just for hanging out in your PJs after you enjoy the evening.


Club Med Sandpiper Bay has an amazing staff.  They create an environment that makes you feel like family and it shows that they love being there.  Many of the staff I met have worked around the world with Club Med and have been with the brand 15 plus years.  Their enthusiasm for what they do is infectious and makes your gathering even more wonderful.

why club med sandpiper bay resort is a great girlfriends' getaway

One of the great staff at Club Med Sandpiper Bay Resort. Photo credit Dana Zucker, Luxe Traveling Mom.

So, whether you are in the process of planing or need to start planning that next girlfriends’ getaway, make sure you check out Club Med Sandpiper Bay Resort.

We’d love to hear what is on your girlfriends’ getaway list…