Teens may have outgrown summer camp, but there is still plenty of adventure out there for them. You can tell when you’ve hit the jackpot because they’ll have photos all over instagram of them acting crazy with their friends. Georgia has a lot of adventures that are perfect for teens. Here are five of my boys’ favorites. 

5 Instagram-Worthy Adventures in Georgia with Teens

Instagram worthy Teen adventures in Georgia via @FieldTripswSue

Atlanta Movie Tours gets teens into the spirit by reenacting scenes from the movie, with often hilarious results. Photo by Sue Rodman / TravelingMom with Teens.

 1. Wakeboarding with Georgia Wakeboard

Brothers Brett and Brandon Lee are the perfect instructors for your teens. They are young, cute and know what they’re talking about – they have 25 years experience with 10 of those as professional wakeboarders. They’ll make sure your kids have a fun day on the lake. If you’d like, you can go with them and just ride in the boat or participate. Georgia Wakeboarding is based on Lake Allatoona, but also offers boot camps on Lake Jackson. https://instagram.com/gawakeboardlessons/

Instagram worthy Teen adventures in Georgia via @FieldTripswSue

Georgia Wakeboard Lessons is run by former professional wakeboarders who resonate with teens. Photo by Sue Rodman / TravelingMom with Teens.

2.Durhamtown Plantation


All I had to do was say ATVs and motorcycle and my teens were in for an experience at Durhamtown Plantation. With 6,000 acres and 150 miles of one way track, there’s lots of space for beginners through experienced riders. We rented ATVs, but you can bring your own if you’d like. They have 14 different tracks to ride, as well as 40 miles of Jeep trails and 3 obstacle/technical areas. Durhamtown Plantation is located in Union Point Georgia, about an hour and a half east of Atlanta. https://instagram.com/dpoffroadpark

Instagram worthy Teen adventures in Georgia via @FieldTripswSue

Wading in the near dark through underground rivers will certainly bond teens, and offer great Instagram photo opps. Photo by Sue Rodman / TravelingMom with Teens.

3. Historic Banning Mills

Jumping off a 10 story building really gets your adrenaline flowing. That’s just one of the many activities at Banning Mills. Mostly they’re known for their fantastic zip lines with names like the Screaming Eagle. Not sure if the scream is you or the zip, but I do know it’s a lot of fun. The elevated ropes courses were fun and promoted team work between the group. Historic Banning Mills is located west of Atlanta in Whitesburg, Ga. https://instagram.com/banningmills/

4. Atlanta Movie Tours

I don’t know a teen who doesn’t get star struck. Whether it’s visiting the filming sites for The Walking Dead or Hunger Games, teens will have fun on any of the Atlanta Movie Tours. This isn’t your run of the mill walk and talk either. Teens get intimately involved, acting out scenes or participating in related games, like archery tag during the Hunger Games tour. Guides approach the tour with humor and keep it light. Atlanta Movie Tours start within the city of Atlanta. https://instagram.com/atlmovietours/

Instagram Worthy Adventures with Teens in Georgia  via @FieldTripswSue

Wading in the near dark through underground rivers with the Georgia Girl Guides certainly bonds teens, and offers great Instagram photo opportunities. Photo by Sue Rodman / TravelingMom with Teens.

5. Georgia Girl Guides

The Georgia Girl Guides will have teens bonding over bats, mud and the dark. There are lots of all three during one of GGG’s Cloudland Canyon Cave Tours. Of course teens will have to wait until they come back up to the surface in order to Instagram shots of them covered in mud from the underground rivers or posing with a bat that is perched on the cave walls. Cloudland Canyon is a Georgia State Park located in the northwestern part of the state near Chattanooga, TN.