yacht club viewWhen planning a vacation to Disney World the parks are usually the main event but, if given the choice, I could spend my whole vacation at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort. My family has been to Disney World several times and we have always stayed at the Yacht Club. It is the only hotel anywhere that my family goes back to again and again and here are the four main reasons why:

DestinationReview 1. The Pools at Disney Yacht Club Resort: At this hotel the pools are truly resort worthy. Stormalong Bay is a set of pools with a view of the bayside marina that feels like you are at a lakeside resort. You can relax (or goof around) while floating on the meandering lazy river. There is a proper waterslide, and by proper I mean there are twists and turns that kids of all ages can enjoy, plus there is a toddler slide for the little one. The smaller kid’s pool has sand at the bottom so you feel like you are at the beach and it is softer for little feet. The lifeguards are plentiful and attentive so you don’t have to watch older kids every second.

TIP: You can also get an excellent Lobster roll at a reasonable price nearby at Hurricane Hanna’s Grill without needing to put on your shoes.

Yacht club pool2. Find the Family-Friendly Secret Pool: Ok, well, it is not actually a secret but it is less known and less crowded. Located in the hotel’s courtyard (near the tennis courts), this is a great pool to get away from the hustle and bustle of Stormalong Bay. For kids that are missing school for Disney, it is a good place to get some of their reading done. What makes this pool special is that you can use swimming accessories, like a mermaid fin, that you can’t use in the main pools.

TIP: This pool is also good for swimming with physically or mentally impaired children who may be sensitive to loud environments or boisterous swimmers. There is also a swimming chair lift for use in the pool and one in the adjoining whirl pool.

3. Location, Location, Location: This hotel is totally walkable. Here, your family has access to restaurants, shops and entertainment on the marina’s boardwalk. It is also within walking distance to Epcot and a short boat ride to Hollywood Studios.

TIP: We had park hopper passes so we could go to one of the other parks during the day and to dinner in a different country at Epcot each night and then watch the fireworks on our way home. It is also the first stop on the shuttle bus both ways for Magic Kingdom.

4. Old Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor: The Beaches & Cream ice cream parlor and restaurant contributes to the hotel’s 20’s era boardwalk atmosphere. Our family is a big fan of desserts on vacation and it is nice to go for a walk after dinner at Epcot and then have dessert here or grab it to go and sit on the beach to watch the nightly kid’s flick.

TIP: We often saw a line for the take-out counter winding out of the restaurant but when we asked there was always a table or a counter seat available to sit and eat.

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