yaquina_head_lighthouse_small_oregon_coastDon’t even try to stop me. We’ve had WAY too much car time lately. We deserve a spring stay-at-home ‘break’ from travel.

The past week, we had the kind of travel where we spent more quality time IN the momvan plugged into iPods, iTouches and the Nintendo DSi than we did in the places where we were traveling! The first was a funeral, so already that’s not fun for anyone. We didn’t have time to gather with family after the event. Six hours down, sleep in a hotel, and then six hours back home the next day.

Follow that two day whirlwind road trip with a second two day out and back to the state math competition 4 hours away. My tween was competing with her Jr. High math team. I call 4 days of driving that many hours just plain exhausting.


And next week is Spring Break. Living in Oregon we had considered a quick trip to the beach and back (about a 3-4 hour drive one way). In March, Oregon ocean water isn’t real warm but the coast is beautiful year round. And let’s face it… the water on the Oregon coast is NEVER inviting, August included.

If you’re up for a road trip to the Oregon Coast be sure to catch all the lighthouse action. This photo is of Yaquina Head Lighthouse near Newport, Oregon. Simply breathtaking. And noisy, and windy.

I’ve announced to my family that we will be hosting our own STAYCATION this spring break. Our goal isn’t necessarily to NOT spend money, instead the idea is to spend about as much as we would have on food and play while on vacation. Saving the hotel fare of course!

Here’s how it works:

  • Turn the phones off (Okay I might check my email, but only as much as if I were actually over on the Oregon coast), also close the garage door while at home, no one should know we are home!
  • Eat out or Eat take out 1-2 meals per day, just like on vacation (especially including breakfast!)
  • Go bowling
  • Go to the movies
  • Go to the local swimming pool (believe it or not Klamath Falls, OR has a hot springs fed, outdoor pool year round!)
  • Go to local museums, aquariums and other in-town kid friendly places
  • Sleep in the basement in a fort as a family!
  • Leave the dishes for the ‘maid’ to clean up… then pretend we are the hotel staff after a couple days
  • Play every single game on our game shelf (Added benefit, any games that have lost pieces or aren’t playable anymore get rid of!)
  • Go hiking, and biking and any other outdoor family activity we can think of, with lots of picnics thrown in (we are hoping for fabulous weather of course)
  • Arts and crafts, Easter is around the corner, get out our Easter decorations and add a few new ones together as a family
  • At home Spa time—pedicures, manicures, and home face masks—get the guys involved too!

We liked it so much we did it a second year as well! See fun photos on my GoodNCrazy.com Site.

Bottom line: have fun, and treat yourself exactly as if you were on vacation.. without all the boring drive time!