Mt.HoodMeadowsSkiResortMt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort is family friendly and a great place to take the kids skiing.  There is a little bit of everything there. If your kids need to learn to ski they have lessons. If your kids are to little to ski or just don’t want to ski they have daycare.

For beginner skiers they have a moving carpet.  This is a great way to get small kids started without having to worry how you are going to get them on and off the ski lifts.  You can see the outside of the Ballroom Carpet in the picture.  To see the inside of the Ballroom Carpet check out this quick video. 



  • A large ski resort with many runs for all levels.
  • They have the Ballroom carpet, which is fantastic for kids (and grownups) just starting out.
  • The lodge has multiple restaurants, rental and sport shop, and a daycare.
  • They have a ski and snowboarding school for ages four and up.
  • Day care for ages six weeks to eleven years.


  • The resort is further up the mountain, making it colder and at times the wind is brutal.
  • Kids will definitely need goggles to ski here.
  • It’s more expensive than the other ski resorts on Mt. Hood.
  • Other than the magic carpet area, it’s a little too steep for kids just starting out.


Meadows ski resort is located an hour and a half outside of Portland, Oregon up on Mt. Hood.  To get there you take highway 26 to highway 35 and you can’t miss the signs directing you into the parking lots.

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