photo_gallery_3_7_11aSo, you’re going on a ski vacation and you don’t ski. How much spa-ing, shopping and caffeinating can one person take? (Me? A LOT!) Here are some actitivies at Schweitzer Ski Resort to cater to those non-skiers…

Have you ever snowshoed? A peaceful walk through the fluffy snow in the woods. Doesn’t get much better than this:


If you don’t ski, but still want a thrilling winter sport, you can Air Board. Dani from the Activities Center at Schweitzer Mountain Resort explains:


And now, here’s what Airboarding actually looks like:

A ski resort is not just for skiers. There are lots of activities at the Schweitzer Mountain Ski Resort.  You can still play outdoors and the views are stunning.

Disclosure: I was hosted by Schweitzer Mountain Resort on this trip. Next time, I will go back on my own nickel.