When booking a hotel in a city that I haven’t been to yet, the strategy is always to book near the city center and choose a clean, comfortable hotel with a top notch staff that will be able to give great recommendations and directions. In Portland, Oregon, that hotel was clearly going to be the Westin Portland with its great location, but the reasons I ended up enjoying it most surprised me.

Westin Portland Library. Photo Credit: Westin Portland

Westin Portland Library. Photo Credit: Westin Portland

The Westin Portland starts out a few points ahead because of its great central Portland location. A short walk to Pioneer Square, it also sits across from food trucks and a few blocks from a giant Target (hello ability to buy everything I forgot!). But there are some other stand out features that make this Westin a truly special place to spend your PDX vacation.

westin portland bar

The Lounge and Bar at the Westin Portland Photo Credit: Nasreen Stump

1- Toast to Tools.

Yes I know this seems like a silly one to lead off with but you know the ice bucket that every hotel has standard in their room? The Westin puts a corkscrew/bottle opener near it. This shows that they GET me and all of us who have ever broken a key trying to pry the top off of a beer bottle in a hotel room. When I travel I want to “taste the place” and that means I frequently bring a drink back to the room. This one little item in the hotel room spoke volumes to me about the level of attention the Westin pays to detail.

2- Happy Hour, Happy Me.

Speaking of drinks, the Daily Grill in the Westin’s lobby has a slammin’ Happy Hour. The drink prices were great for Portland and if you can get there on a Thursday there is a Burger & Beer special that I highly recommend.

3- Bathing Bliss.

I’ve stayed at other Westins before and one thing always stands out. Their showers are exquisite. Giant square rainfall showers with a removable wand. You can get the hairdresser rinsing your hair out effect on your own. And there is a separate stand alone soaking tub at the Westin Portland. I have never been cleaner. I squeezed in one shower and one bath each day.

westin showerhead

The famous Westin rainfall shower. Photo Credit: Nasreen Stump

4- Proximity to Coffee.

I mean you’re in Portland, right? If there isn’t coffee in your plans there should be. As a giant coffee connoisseur the location was extremely conducive. I was able to easily walk to Public Domain, Case Study Coffee, Courier Coffee, Heart Coffee and Stumptown with many more options that I didn’t make it to.

portland coffee courier

Courier Coffee makes a great coffee and is a quick walk from the Westin Portland. Photo Credit: Nasreen Stump


5- Workout on a Whim.

Every single week I head off on a business trip where I pack exercise clothes and sneakers. More often than not I don’t get around to using them but I feel bad if I don’t pack them. At the Westin you can use their Gear Lending Program. For $5 if the urge to workout strikes they will deliver to your room workout clothes, sneakers (with new insoles), and a brand new pair of New Balance socks. The socks are yours to keep and the other clothes are freshly cleaned and sanitized between uses.

6-Amazing Art.

This was the most impressive part of the Westin Portland for me. Art on par with what you would see at Portland Art Museum is hanging on the walls all over the hotel. I spent the better part of an afternoon wandering around. There is even a Picasso etching hanging near the elevators in the lobby.

westin portland artwork

The Westin Portland offered fantastic art from a range of artists turning a stay there into an educational experience. Photo Credit: Nasreen Stump


The takeaway? I am happy to head to Portland anytime. It is a top 5 favorite city of mine. The Westin Portland enhanced that stay with a great location, comfortable rooms, a great staff and unique touches. What do you love about Portland?