goodncrazy_kids_at_public_market_Seattle_smallOne 3 day weekend + tickets to a Mariners/Yankees game = a family driving trip to Seattle!  And while we were in the city we hit the can’t-miss places kids would most enjoy seeing.

We spent our Honeymoon (and our 15th Anniversary) in Seattle so we didn’t need to see the grown up things. We were happy to share our love of Seattle with our kids!

space_needle_seattle_smallFour Kid Friendly Sites in Seattle

First: The  Space Needle

A no brainer. Of course you can’t miss the Space Needle! It’s located in the Seattle Center, home to the 1962 world’s fair. Tickets for a family of 5 cost nearly $80, not cheap, but worth the view and memories at the top. We had to wait about an hour to ride up. (Hint: If you get reservations for the restaurant at the top you don’t pay for the elevator ride up – or wait in line, and the restaurant spins 360 degrees while you eat!) The folks in Seattle are super nice, in fact I left my jacket at the top and they retrieved it for me!

Second: Ride the Monorail Downtown and Enjoy The Daily Doughnuts (made before your eyes!)

daily_doughnuts_Seattle_pike_market_smallThe monorail is a treat and only a few dollars to ride it round trip. Exit the train inside a giant shopping mall (and for my tween daughters that was a double treat)! A short 2 walk block takes you to the Public Market, but first you walk right by The Chocolate Box. (A whole store devoted to chocolate?) Heck yes, I’m in! And across the street is a Penzey’s Spices store. All you foodies know what I’m talking about. Cooking heaven. And then walk straight to The Daily Doughnuts for your mini doughnut experience. There WILL be a line, that’s how you know it’s worth it, right?

Third: The Public Market on Pike Place. I literally drink in the flavors, the smells and the FLOWERS! flowers_at_public_market_smallAll in a 3 block area:

and of course…

Fourth: Snoqualmie Falls
(Not technically IN Seattle, but one of the most breathtaking sites in the North East…).

Snowqualmie_falls_near_seattle_salish_lodge_smallAbout 30 minutes outside of Seattle and worth the quick day trip! We were truly disappointed that the small hike down to the bottom of the falls was closed. 2 years ago we walked down it and by far the best views are from the bottom! It said the hike would be reopened next year after they finish upgrades to the area.