tmom1The family tradition of attending this event started five years ago when our daughter was almost 18 months old. We loved the idea of showing her the planes and knew she would just squeal in delight. And if she didn’t: heck, it was free.

Naturally there are great raffles to enter, food you can buy and miscellaneous ways you can contribute should you chose but yes, your family can attend for free.  There are lots of different planes to look at as well as watch some take off and land.  There are amusements such as a bouncy house and small toy planes to ride around in as well as a Police K-9 and Karate Demonstrations.tmom2

The Westerly Airport is a ‘General Aviation’ airport meaning it is convenient and easily accessible with facilities for small aircraft rather than airliners.  In fact, we spent many of winter days in the van watching planes come in and take off while snacking in the van.