wildwood1“Whoa those Wildwood days, wild wild Wildwood days,
Every day was a holiday, and every night was Saturday night.”

—Bobby Rydell, WILDWOOD DAYS

One of the most popular destinations on the Jersey Shore, the Wildwoods have a lot to offer visitors. The boardwalk boasts more rides than Disneyland. At night, the party never stops, whether your tastes lean toward a hopping dance club, an intimate Irish pub, or a comfortable deck bar overlooking the Atlantic. And you can always find your perfect accommodation, be it a cozy bayside cottage rental or a room at one of the area’s signature eclectic Doo Wop motels.

And the beach! While the other nearby Jersey Shore towns have watched their sand erode away, the Wildwood beach is growing. In fact, for a while that seemed to be a downside to the destination. The stretches of warm white sand between the boardwalk and the ocean are so long that heading back to the boards for a lemonade mid-day seemed an exhausting proposal.


The Wildwoods’ Big Jersey Shore Beach

wildwood2Jack Morey of Morey’s Piers shares exciting changes to the Wildwood boardwalk, including the oceanside Soggy Bottom Beach BarBut what once may have seemed a curse is now being embraced as a blessing in disguise. “That ‘Oh my God’ walk to the water is what saved our boardwalk and our beaches,” says John Siciliano, executive director and CFO of the Wildwood Convention Center.

Siciliano explains that the expanse of land literally took the wind out of Hurricane Sandy as she made contact on the Wildwood shore. Homes in the back bay area of the island took in some flood waters, but the Wildwoods saw none of the devastation experienced by other Jersey Shore towns. In fact, in the days following the hurricane, Wildwood fire officials led rescue efforts, identified shelters and collected food and clothing for its more hurting neighbors up north.

Wildwoods Open for Business

While other shore destinations to the north continue their clean-up efforts, the Wildwoods are ready to receive visitors this season. “Southern New Jersey (shore towns) is open for business,” says Siciliano, adding, “We know how lucky we are to make that statement.”

Nothing at all is different at the Wildwoods due to Hurricane Sandy. But that doesn’t mean there are no changes. Some things are even better.

Since the 2012 summer season ended, Wildwood Crest has increased its “bikeability” by completing the Cresse Avenue Bicycle/Pedestrian Bike Project. The bikeway now extends more than 12 miles round trip, making it among the state’s longest bike and walking paths. The path stretches from the Dunes Bike Path in Wildwood Crest, down the Wildwood Boardwalk and to the North Wildwood Sea Wall. Bikers can ride at their own pace, with both a leisurely and an athletic path available.

the wildwoods

A painter spritzes up the benches on the Wildwood boardwalk.

New on The Wildwood Boardwalk

The Wildwoods are open for business – and are bigger and better than ever. Look forward to these new additions:

  • Anyone who knows the Wildwood boardwalk knows that the name “Morey” is synonymous with thrill rides and fun, and visitors can expect more of the same this season. Morey’s Piers will feature a completely renovated Zoom Phloom, one of the longest and tallest log flume rides on the East Coast. What’s new is the theming , focusing on the “Sea of Life,” the Morey brothers’ answer to Disney’s “Tree of Life.”
  • “The log flume has been on the pier since 1985, but it’s been renovated into something classic,” says Jack Morey, vice president of Morey’s Piers. Now the amusement will feature three lift hills, and two drops, with glimpses of magical sea life, such as hand-carved seals and sea turtles, at every turn.
  • Morey’s Piers also will be introducing art to the boardwalk this year with Artbox, the Exit Zero Art Colony. Local artists will have their own Oceanside studios where they can create and showcase their work all summer long. The area, which will welcome children while catering to adults, will also feature a sushi bar, live music and wines from local wineries.
  • Also new this year will be the Flow House, a $1.9 million addition to the Splash Zone Waterpark located on the boardwalk. The area, scheduled to open Memorial Day weekend, will give anyone taller than 42 inches the opportunity to “flow board,” a hybrid combination of surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding. Visitors to the Flow House can observe boarders from their own cabana, while enjoying music, entertainment and a variety of boardwalk food.

Other additions this year include the Soggy Dollar Beach Bar at the Ocean Oasis Waterpark, an off-boards Amish Market in North Wildwood and Johnson’s Popcorn, long a staple of Ocean City to the north, will be making its Wildwood debut.

Add these highlights to a calendar crammed packed with activities, and it’s clear the Wildwoods are more than just opened for business. The towns on this island are ready and waiting for visitors.