My husband is not a fan of water thanks to a boy trip down the Gauley River (class V rapids – very scary). I am a fan. And nothing brings a family together more than a little marital adventure. So I talked Husband into white water rafting on class 2 rapids with RaftingNH in New Hampshire, the same folks who own Muddy Paw (you can choose Paws & Paddles or just Paddle trips). He was reluctant but gave in.  He was suited up with a life jacket, helmet and paddle, given instructions and we shoved off.

We did the route twice and on the second run, Husband allowed us to let some of the air out of the zodiac to give the ride more bounce and uncertainty. After the ride we were served burgers and chicken and huge chocolate chip cookies. The kids are ready for Class III rapids for the next trip and Husband got wet – even jumped in during a break.  That says it all.

I asked the guide about taking young kids rafting and here is what he said.  VIDEO GETS INSERTED HERE