sppancakesBetween the endless snow storms causing school to be closed, I have found myself having to keep the kids from boredom more often than I thought I would need to this Winter. Since they have spent enough extra time playing together, reading, crafting etc. I took a look around to find some great school vacation activities.

So where can you go in Rhode Island that are affordable and fun?

Art Adventure Camp: The Warwick Museum of Art is holding series of Art classes for ages 6-12 every day during the school vacation week from 9am-noon. The classes are $15 each day  and Children will learn an art technique each day, explore that technique, and take a completed project home each day. for a list of classes and more detail visit the Warwick Museum 

Eco-Exploration Field Trip at URI: In this program students use their senses on a ‘trips’ to ecosystems including the tropics, the desert and the rainforest at the Roger Williams Park Botanical Center. They will have the chance to examine native birds and animals, about composting with worms, feed a venus flytrap, and plant seeds in their own greenhouse that they can take home to share. For more information, visit the URI  website

If all else fails and you are not willing to head into over-crowded indoor areas consider creating the fun at home:
*Explore the neighbor on a hike and even plan an impromptu scavenger hike.
*How about a neighborhood group activity?
*Neighborhood Book Swap & Club: Have kids of the same age/reading level swap books , read and then meet up to discuss the book.
*Get in the Kitchen and have some fun creating recipes and silly looking foods

What are some of your favorite activities during school break?