waterfire2The first time I was introduced to WaterFire was when my boyfriend (now husband) were in the early days of dating. At the time, I lived in Connecticut and he in Massachusetts so I was getting used to traveling to Rhode Island as his office was in downtown Providence.  I had never even heard of WaterFire when he asked me to meet for dinner and then go for a stroll.  It was magical and I was hooked.

Waterfire is about more than watching the bonfires floating (Get there just before sunset to watch the bonfires being lit) on the river. Yes, watching the fire burn and the people in the boats tending the fires is mesmerizing in itself however; the exposure to the arts is a joy as well. We have often enjoyed listening to music, watching mimes, ice sculpture carving and dancing. Once the sun is down, there is a glow to the city that is romantic. I love seeing how much fun the children have dancing and just enjoying being outdoors in such unique and fun environment. The event is free.

waterfire1Before heading to WaterFire, you may want to enjoy one of Providences great restaurants. One of my husband’s favorite place to eat in Providence is the Pakarang Thai Restaurant so when we planned to go to WaterFire, I knew there was no way to keep him away from having dinner there. I was concerned that it would be difficult to get my 4 & 6 year old to be happy about the food selection but they know we do not cater to the same ole favorites every night.  Luckily, the dinner went well and my daughter enjoyed the Beef with Broccoli (pushed the ‘fungus’ aside) and my son enjoyed the Noodle Tender Beef (cauliflower pushed aside). My feeling is that kids may appreciate the following items on the menu: Noodles dishes are a safe bet (watch for peanuts) as long as you tell the kids upfront that this is not a simple butter or sauce dish.  You can always go the fried rice route and ‘fried’ and ‘rice’ are often terms of endearment to the younger set. And last but not least, there are the Pákarang Rolls or Satay offerings.

Glance at the WaterFire schedule and see if you can attend one soon.