brooklyn_bridgeThe Brooklyn Bridge opened over 130 years ago on May 24, 1883. Designed by German immigrant, John A. Roebling, it took over 14 years to construct and was the largest suspension bridge built to date, spanning 1,595 feet over its granite foundations in the East River.

By far the prettiest bridge in town, it has a history of tragedy as its architect, his son and many workers died during its perilous construction.

The Bridge today is a popular tourist attraction that provides stunning views of Manhattan and Brooklyn.  Its 1595 feet length provides a nice walk over to Brooklyn and  where you can get some of the borough’s best pizza at the base of the bridge.

Learn all about its history while walking over the bridge with the FREE Roebling’s Brooklyn Bridge App produced by the Roebling Museum, located in New Jersey.


With a pair of good headphones (the bridge is noisy) you can travel back in time with this mobile walking tour and while viewing images from the museum’s collection.