I believe I can speak for my entire family when I say that we love Martha’s Vineyard.

We have been settled in the New England area for the past 8 years and have finally found our New England vacation spot.There was something magical that happened to all of us once we drove our car onto the ferry at Woods Hole and sailed off for the port of Vineyard Haven.Okay, so my 9-month-old son threw up on me when I took him out of his car seat to breathe in a little sea air.I’m chalking that one up to mild seasickness.Still, I’d buy the bumper sticker with an “I Heart MV” and matching t-shirt if I found them.

Our first stay was in the rural area of West Tisbury; where horses and real agriculture co-exist.We discovered that each town has a distinct feel and vibe, so it really is a matter of what you like and enjoy doing.We loved the laid-back feel of this funky little town.It definitely matched our personalities.I kept looking for Birkenstocks and tie-dyed t-shirts.I saw a few.One of the must-do things in West Tisbury happens every Saturday.They have a great farmer’s market that really shouldn’t be missed.There is a wealth of great local produce plus flowers, jams and local honey.Another must-do if you go to the farmer’s market is a visit to the egg roll lady.It’s worth every minute you’ll wait in line and you’ll thank me once you bite into the golden wrapped goodness of her perfect egg rolls.


The house we rented in West Tisbury was a no-frills, rustic, vacation-y home.The highlight of the house was the yard that had a great tree swing for my daughter.The professional Viking stove was a bonus and yes, I brought my own knives.Everyone knows I travel with my own set of kitchen knives on vacation.It’s my must-have item when I travel and due to the age of my son, most nights we ate at home anyway.After we all agreed that this was the new family vacation spot for us, we went out on daily excursions to check out the rest of the island.We found the peace and calm of West Tisbury lovely but upon further exploration we found another side of the island that was simply enchanting.

Aquinnah, formerly known as Gay Head, is located on the farthest west side of the island and is famous for its clay cliffs.It was here that we found our perfect beach. Moshup Beach is a little slice of sandy heaven.We prefer the big waves of the Atlantic Ocean side of the island.The kids loved the sand and piles and piles of rocks to stack.I understand now why it’s consistently voted by many travel magazines and travel channel shows as one of the top ten beaches in the United States.Next year we’ll invest in a beach cart.We hauled so much stuff down to the beach that we were all sore the next day; coolers plus a stroller that held a very large baby plus sunshades and our beach bags that overflowed with towels, sunscreen and extra clothes.It turned into one of those perfect beach days that became a special memory for my 6-year-old daughter.She still talks about it.

A week there wasn’t nearly enough time to relax and enjoy the island.Our plans for our next trip there have already been made now that we know what kind of island people we are.We even found the perfect beach.Just don’t tell anyone.We want to keep it a secret.