urgent-care-manhattanPicture it: You’re on your big family vacation to NYC, when one of you gets sick. Where do you go for emergency medical care in Manhattan? Sure, there are Emergency Rooms everywhere. But the truth is, going to the Emergency room in NYC really isn’t pretty.

For once, the way they depict it on TV shows is pretty accurate. An ER is a place you don’t want to go to unless you have to. Unless you really really need critical care – like for a heart attack, or a stroke, or some kind of accident – you really don’t want to go there.

That’s where Urgent Care Manhattan comes to the rescue.

“We’re here to help with minor emergencies and immediate healthcare needs.” explains Dr. Mark Melrose, who with Dr. Neal Shipley owns and operates the practice. “We make healthcare easy. If you don’t have a primary care doctor nearby, you can come to us. You don’t even need an appointment. It’s easier than getting theatre tickets in this town.”

“Our mission is to provide our patients with exceptional care and personal attention immediately.” says Dr. Shipley, a longtime ER physician at New York-Presbyterian Hospital. A father of three, he knows how important family friendly emergency care is. Especially when you’re away from home.


UCM-doctorsBoth Dr. Melrose and Dr. Shipley are Board Certified Emergency Medical doctors – with decades of experience. I asked Dr. Melrose why parents should feel comfortable taking their children to him and Dr. Shipley, instead of finding a pediatrician. “Emergency doctors are trained to take care of all childhood illnesses and emergencies,” he explained. “Our specialty is evaluating a situation quickly and effectively for patients of any age. And most pediatricians don’t do things like give stitches, or take x-rays. They’ll send you to an ER anyway.” he added. “We can do all that right here.”

So if you’re visiting the city with your kids, and you’re not sure if that ankle is sprained..or something more. Of if that’s strep, or just a tired child. Or if you’re the one – are you just hung -over from that big dinner at Per Se, or getting the flu yourself? You don’t have to be your own diagnostician. Because, lets face it, unless you have 20 years experience, these guys are going to do it better than you can. They’ll take you fast, and take care of you.

And when you’re on vacation, isn’t that kind of peace of mind what you’re looking for?

Urgent Care Manhattan is open seven days a week, and always staffed by at least one of the two MD’s who own the practice, as well as two medical assistants and an emergency nurse. They don’t take insurance – but if you’re entitled to out of network coverage, your own insurance should cover at least part of the cost. Basic visits start at $150 (pretty standard for NYC family practitioners) and everything else – like stitches, or an IV, or a strep test – is “menu driven.”

Urgent Care Manhattan is located at 199 Amsterdam Avenue at 69th Street. Phone: 212 721 4200. For more information visit www.urgentcaremanhattan.com