Photo Credit: Desiree Miller/FamilyFun TravelingMom

Photo Credit: Desiree Miller/FamilyFun TravelingMom

Ann Peterson’s staff at The New Yorker Hotel describes her as ‘always on the go,’ taking care of one thing and moving on to the next, rarely stopping as she works her way around the property.

In other words, she’s busy. After all, Ann Peterson is the general manager of one of the largest hotels in all of New York City. There’s always something on the to-do list there. Beyond the day-to-day stuff, she’s also overseeing some massive renovations to the property, scheduled over the next five years.

On top of all of that, this gal is a mom, and her family isn’t in New York.

Nope, her youngest child is still in high school, and when she got the job in New York, she knew she couldn’t uproot her daughter at this critical time in life.

So she commutes for her job, flying between cities.

I recently sat down with her at The New Yorker Hotel to talk about how she’s the ultimate in a ‘Traveling Mom’, playing host to millions of other moms each year at the hotel, then bouncing between cities, carrying out her other critical role as a parent.

So how does she do it all?

Well, she’s been at it for a while and has mastered the art of multi-tasking, she says. She has more than two and a half decades in the hotel business, previously running an entire region of hotels for IHG (Intercontinental Hotel Group). At that time, she had one daughter in high school and another in grade school. Now, her oldest is beyond college and the youngest is finishing up with her high school days.

She’s worked with other hotel brands and in other cities, from Cleveland to Seattle.

She’s also had a stint teaching in D.C.

As they say, if you put a task in front of her, Ann Peterson can tackle it. And probably score.

Maybe it’s because she’s a mom that she’s so sharp at hotel management. After all, it’s a lot like running a household, but on a much, much larger scale, especially when that hotel is The New Yorker. It’s iconic. It’s popular with families from overseas and in the middle of everything tourists want to see in the city. There’s a lot of responsibility in that. And she’s happy to shoulder the burden.

She says she gets excited about her jobs, both as a parent and as the general manager of the hotel. And she’ll be the first to tell you she gets it all done with great talent working with her, both at home and at the hotel.

It means she’s always on the go, but as her staff told me as I was checking in for my own stay at The New Yorker, she’s usually smiling with every step.

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