nfl-logoAsk any football-loving fan what their dream date would be and nine times out of 10 he’ll say tickets to the Super Bowl. As my father-in-law always says, “you can’t put a price on a good time,” so if you’re considering biting the bullet and treating your significant other to the ultimate husband getaway, follow this game plan and you’ll come up a winner:

Super Bowl Tickets – You can reserve seats for the big game on StubHub – Ticket prices start at $2200 all the way up to nearly $400,000 for a coveted spot in the Hall of Fame Suite. If you’ve just won Powerball, then the Super Bowl Hall of Fame option is definitely for you. The best thing about Stub Hub is that fans are constantly buying and selling tickets on the site so you should keep checking back to see what’s available or hedge your bets, and lock in right now!

Flights – While you can always hit the websites for your favorite airlines, my suggestion is to head over to Trip Advisor where you can select whether you’d like to take a non-stop or connecting flight and they arrange everything by price. Plus, there are ratings by customers on which flights they prefer.

Hotel Reservations – Head on over to the Arlington, Texas website which has detailed information on hotels in the area. You can aim for the Ritz Carlton, Hilton or a motel (if you’ve blown all your cash on the Super Bowl tix.)

Rental Car – If you’re flying into Dallas/Ft. Worth airport, then head on over to for a breakdown of all the rental car facilities near the airport. That way, you can choose from a diverse array of options and price points.

Super Bowl Parking – There is nothing that makes someone’s blood boil more than when they’re all excited to attend a sporting event and then find themselves circling the area for a parking spot. For this year’s Super Bowl, will make over 7,000 premium spaces available at over 40 lots in close vicinity to Cowboy Stadium. Search results reflect real-time parking availability at ParkWhiz partner locations in Arlington, enabling drivers to compare all of the Cowboys Stadium parking options and know for sure that they’ll have a guaranteed reserved parking spot. ParkWhiz carefully vets each parking location and provides detailed descriptions, exact location/vicinity to stadium and customer reviews to ensure there are no surprises. Reserve and pay for your space in advance and the best part is, by booking a spot with a ParkWhiz vendor, you’re supporting a local business in Arlington, Texas. You can even find out whether Super Bowl Tailgating is permitted at the lot you select! And if your team doesn’t make the cut, your reservation is totally refundable.

Things to Do While in Arlington – If you’re in town for the weekend, visit the NFL Super Bowl website for details about some great charity events taking place throughout the weekend that feature appearances by NFL players. Plus, the City of Arlington’s official website also offers suggestions for attractions and dining options in the area.

So there you have it – treat your significant other to the ultimate getaway and by the time Valentine’s Day hits, you should be on the receiving end of something big and sparkly.