dycker-heights-spooky-houseAt 9:30 at night I got a call from Good Day New York (Fox 5) asking me if I’d like to go on the air the next morning, Friday Oct. 28, 2011, to tell their viewers some ghost tales from my book, “Myths and Mysteries of New York”. Of course I was game.

Instead of going to the Fox TV studio’s though I was instructed to head over to 1123 79th street in Dycker Heights, Brooklyn. There, on the scene reporter, Jill Nicolini was doing a story on homeowner Anthony George, who apparently has a real love for Halloween. So much so that for the past six years, he spends a devoted 10 hours converting the front of his home into a Hollywood style haunted house, complete with shrieking zombies, sarcastic witches, rats, and eerie smoke. Newspaper and magazines flock to his house come trick or treat time, and for good reason. It’s a work of art.


On Halloween night though it’s really special, thousands of cars and pedestrians will line up to see the house and the surprise that Anthony has in store for them. The surprise? Each year he dresses up and becomes a living part of his creation and will scare the living willies out of you…but to find out…you will have to go and visit the house yourself…if you dare.


Tell them Fran Capo sent ya. (Oh and listen to what that witch in the cabin has to say, she is one sarcastic lady…obviously she’s been in Brooklyn so long, she has an attitude.)