omni-mt-washingtonSometimes where you stay on vacation is more of an adventure than the actual destination. I’ve always been fascinated by the paranormal. I think that stems from stories my grandmother used to tell about the Faierie Folk of her youth in Ireland. Sadly, I can’t say that I’ve ever encountered a Banshee, Wood Sprite or even an everyday ghost. Still, I love to steep myself -and my family- in stories of things that go bump in the night. Often these tales serve to teach a lesson, inspire the imagination or even tell the stories of our history.

This story comes from our friends at Omni Hotels. It serves as a spooky backdrop for some Fall family fun, in New England.  

The Widowed Bride of Mount Washington

As a part of Italian tradition and superstition, the artisans and laborers who built the Mount Washington Hotel varied the number of steps to the second floor (thirty-three from the registration area and thirty-one in the South Tower) to confuse ghosts in the hotel.


The stairs haven’t confused one ghost in particular. Carolyn Stickney, the widowed bride of the Mount Washington Hotel’s owner, played a principal role in the development of the hotel and visited the hotel season every year. She became known as “the Princess” after marrying French royal, Prince Jean Baptiste Marie de Faucigny Lucinge, and often held extravagant parties in her own private dining room, now called the Princess Lounge. After her death in 1936, caretakers and managers prowling the property during the winter hibernation months reported catching glimpses of the Princess descending the stairs for dinner or lights switching on and off in one of the towers.

The Princess often returns to a third-floor guest room at the Mount Washington Hotel, where her four poster maple bed still resides. Several guests staying in that room have reported being awakened to find a woman sitting at the end of the bed, brushing her hair.  
Hotel employees often pose for photos in front of the hotels veranda and one year, employees made a startling discovery in an enhanced photo. When the picture was blown up, viewers could see a woman in the window of the Princess’s room. No one had checked into the room and it was said to be vacant.

The haunting of the Carolyn Stickney and the Princess Room also caught the attention of Sci-Fi’s Ghost Hunters.

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