museum-of-moving-imageI am so glad we’ve discovered the Museum of the Moving Image.  When you live in NYC, you take your kids to museums.  By the time they were six, my son could find his way to the Arms and Armor exhibit at the Metropolitan, and his sister, to the Ballerina Paintings by Degas on the second floor.

So now that they’re 12, (twins) they’ve been there, done that.  Sure, there are temporary exhibitions, and you could spend a lifetime going to the Met, the MOMA, The Guggenheim, The Whitney, and on and on.  But did I mention they’re 12?  They’re not all that interested anymore. 

But they do love  The Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria, NY.   Easily accessible by subway, the museum really does have something for everyone — movie screenings, movie memorabilia, video based art installations, even a bank of vintage video games you can actually play.

They also have fantastic interactive displays – like a “dub your voice into a movie” booth where you can voice a few lines as some pretty famous folks, like the pig from Babe, or Marilyn Monroe herself in Some Like it Hot.  There’s a make your own stop animation area, with multiple computers where you can make a stop animation mini-movie, and then email it to your friends. Dance in front of a video camera for several seconds, and then pick up a flip book of you in the small gift shop on the way out.

 Have a classic movie fan in the family?  They’ll love the giant wall of Hollywood Head Shots, and the DGA film chronicling 100 years of film.  Star Trek lover?  The collection of Star Trek collectibles is impressive.  Star Wars?  You bet.  They even have Mrs. Doubtfire’s mask.  We all love it. And so do these reviewers:

And when you get out –you’re in Astoria, home to Greek restaurants galore.  So next time you’re in NY – get off the island, and check out the Museum of the Moving Image.  You’ll love it!