Terhune09I wasn’t born a Princetonian, but I have somehow morphed into one.  As a result, my produce is primarily organic, and grown locally whenever possible.  I make feeble attempts at being ‘green’ and take my kids to the farm to buy their food.   And hence, this is where my love for Terhune Orchards has begun.

Throughout the past few years in the Princeton area we have come to love a local family farm owned and operated by the Mount Family.  Their farm, Terhune Orchards, is located nearby in Lawrenceville, NJ.  To say that it is a true farm experience for the entire family is an understatement.  There are small animals, pick-your-own fruits, flowers and vegetable, walking trails, and even a farm store.

I cannot say enough good things about this farm or the employees work there, although it seems to me that to be an employee there is to be an extension of family.  I feel the same way about being a customer there.  I am not just another dollar bill or credit card passing through.  They know my name, know my children’s names, and we know theirs. 

This small blog post does not even scratch the surface of how wonderful this family farm is.  I could honestly blog about Terhune Orchards on a weekly basis!

What I love most about Terhune (this week)…

Pick your own

There is a schedule on the farm’s website of what is available for picking and what time during the season.  We love apple season most (hey, we’re Fall people).  I love that during the season my children can learn to understand what is in season and available to them locally.  I also love that they enjoy picking the foods just as much as they enjoy eating them.



Terhune Orchards boasts an entire yearly calendar full of events and activities for all ages.  There are classes for adults such as canning and pruning, but the biggest draw for us is the read and pick for children.  An employee from the farm reads a story that coincides with the weekly harvest or activity. I swear that the woman who usually reads beats our local children’s librarian hands down!  Sometimes the farm even gets authors at their events! Last year my children were able to meet Herman Parish while he was signing copies of Amelia Bedelia’s First Apple Pie during Apple Days at Terhune Orchards (an annual event that I highly recommend).


Ride-On Toys

It does not matter in the least that my children have bikes and ride on toys at home.  All they want to do at the farm is ride the John Deere tricycles and pedal tractors in the dirt and gravel ride on area. 


Need I say more?  The tasting room is in a historic barn and Friday’s are free tastings (up to 5 wines)!  My personal favorite is Rooster Red.



The animals at the farm are very sweet, docile and extremely well-cared for.  My children love visiting the farm and feeding the goats, and visiting with the horse.  The two dogs, Rhubarb and Basil are usually near the steps of the store laying out waiting for a good tummy rub, or a nice golden delicious apple to fall to the floor in the store.  For two older dogs, they can move quickly if they hear the apple hit the floor!  Today, we met the newest kitten (whose name escapes me at the moment) and he is such a little personality.  We watched the little stinker stalk a butterfly for at least 10 minutes before a falling leaf captured his attention.


Our favorite animal for the past few seasons has been Egg, the duck.  Egg is a special duck.  Actually, one winter my son was so worried about Egg’s migration (he doesn’t, if you care to know) that he lost an entire night’s sleep and demanded we go to the farm first thing in the morning when they opened to discuss the matter.  Egg does not really ever go near the pond.  He prefers to hang out on the steps of the farm store or around the corner near the house and his dish (dog bowl).  You see, according to Egg, he is not a duck at all.  He is a dog.  Despite the fact that I know this of Egg, his lack of duck-like behavior still sometimes baffles me.  A perfect example of his lack of duck-ish-ness??  This afternoon Egg sat down in the dirt next to my children and shared a cookie with my preschooler (shh, don’t tell the farmer).