Farmers markets are a great way to experience local culture when you travel.

Farmers markets are a great way to experience local culture when you travel.

Going to a supermarket while on vacation is one of my favorite things. We have explored supermarchés in Paris, the flagship Whole Foods in Austin and the original Wegmans Supermarket in Rochester, New York.

So I was excited to hear that Wegmans Supermarket is coming to my neck of the woods – and with parking. Believe me, in New York, this is not always a given. The new Wegman’s will be in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, an industrial site that has a bunch of quirky places inside, like Brooklyn Grange, a rooftop farm with an aviary, and Kings County Distillery, New York City’s oldest operating whiskey distillery.

Other Supermarket Fun

Our kids loved going to Stew Leonard’s in Connecticut, with its animatronic figures, funny signs and ample samples. This was more a day’s outing than a grocery shop – you could watch the bakers making cookies – and then try them. it was a sensory explosion and my kids never complained about grocery shopping here.


Another hit when the kids were little was the second Fairway, a giant store just off the West Side Highway in Manhattan. There is a cold room where the yogurt and milk is stored and my kids loved putting on the heavy coats by the door and screaming with the shock of the cold air Hey, it’s entertainment.

Outdoor Famers Markets

Farmer’s markets are not supermarkets, but the outdoor extravaganzas are great for exploring when you are traveling, especially with kids. And for vegetarians, it is an opportunity to check out and sample the local produce. Now that we often travel with a dog, we love outdoor markets because dogs are almost always allowed.

I seemed to have passed the food shopping gene to my kids. My youngest daughter loved exploring the outdoor food market in Jerusalem, and my oldest, who went to college upstate, is already a card-carrying Wegmans fan.

Bring it on, Wegmans. Brooklyn welcomes you with open shopping carts.