The weather really stinks.  Spring has sprung, according to the calendar, but here in NYC it’s cold…and today, rainy, too. What’s a mother to do with two kids who only want to be outside?  Go subway surfing. (And just to be clear: I am not talking about the deadly dangerous, subway surfing you’ve heard about in the news.  This is a kinder, gentler, kid-friendly version.)

OK, disclaimer over, read on: I know, I know, it’s probably irresponsible.  You may end up annoying other passengers, what with the smiles on your faces in the dour, don’t-make-contact atmosphere of the trains.  And I’m not suggesting that you actually take a trip to specifically do this, or that you let your younger kids try it either, but if you happen to be on a New York City with your tween-aged kids, and they happen to have i-pods (as if they wouldn’t), then try this: Put some Beach Boys tunes on their i-pods, get on a not too crowded subway car, challenge them not to hold on, and let the Subway Surfing begin.  Around 59th Street on the Number 1 train there’s a gnarly carve, dude.  On the F train on the way to Brooklyn, you can feel the swells. You might even try it without the kids to spice up your commute.  Or make that trip to the inlaws more fun.  Really.  No kidding.  You’d be surprised how much fun the MTA can be when you’re (safely) surfing the rails.