Standard Baking Company in Portland, Maine

Standard Baking Company in Portland, Maine Photo credit: Nicole Wakelin / Nerdy TravelingMom

There’s something about freshly baked bread. It smells wonderful, looks wonderful, and tastes so much better than anything that’s been sitting on a grocery store shelf for days. During a visit east, we stopped at Standard Baking Company in Portland, Maine,  and were rewarded with delicious breads and tantalizing pastries.

Beautiful Breads

Portland is a beautiful city and one that is perfect for enjoying warm weather. It’s dotted with little shops and restaurants, all tempting you to come inside and explore. We saw Standard Baking Co. from across the street and decided we needed to investigate its potential for coffee and a fresh-baked treat.

The inside of the shop is small and homey with a huge selection of rustic breads all on display across the back wall. A case up front holds all kinds of treats from cinnamon buns and scones to cookies and tarts. It’s the kind of display that has you standing there, dumbfounded, with absolutely no idea how to pick just one.

So Many Choices

We settled on a Brioche Bun and something called a Chocolate Cork. This is a dense chocolate cake that is heavily dusted with cocoa powder and soaked in espresso. Both were delicious. If we lived locally, we’d be stopping by to pick up breads every week. There are no tables inside, but there are few outside where you can enjoy the sun which is were we sat to eat.

Standard Baking Company in Portland, Maine

The pastries at Standard Baking Company in Portland, Maine Photo credit: Nicole Wakelin / Nerdy TravelingMom

Later that day we took the ferry around the islands and thought we should have planned better and taken along a few treats for the trip. Instead, we returned for a second visit the next day to bring home some fresh-baked goodies for the kids. Several baguettes, a few croissants, and a loaf of that delicious brioche all made the trip back home at the end of the weekend.

Standard Baking Co. can be found at 75 Commercial Street in Portland, Maine, tucked back from the road next to the Hilton Garden Inn. It’s a great stop during a day of exploring the city and the perfect place to pick up a few nibbles if you’re planning on taking the ferry out to the islands for the day.