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What do you think when you hear the words Boston food? The first thing that pops into my mind is Seafood.

How can you visit Boston without having a full on Seafood extravaganza? So, I made this an integral part of my search task to find where to eat in Boston.

Luckily, my brother lives in Boston and gave me a great recommendation: Atlantic Fish Company!

My family and I aren’t huge foodies. But we are always looking for unique restaurants that are part of the local culture. I prefer to have an experience that my kids will be able to remember and associate with the different trips we take.

Atlantic Fish Company ended up being that kind of an experience, completely different than what I expected – in a good way. You know that an upper class restaurant is amazing when your kids can spend over than one hour in it without getting bored. To me this is a huge feat!

We were having such a good time that we spent there for over two hours and when it was time for us to move on my boys didn’t want to leave.

But it doesn’t matter how fun and entertaining a restaurant is, if the food isn’t good. In this case the food blew us away as well!

atlantic fish company boston

Why Atlantic Fish Company is a Must Eat Seafood Restaurant in Boston

The Menu – The menu is ever changing. Daily they put in new specials and change dishes according to the catch of the day. This way you can choose from the fresh seafood amongst other dishes.

Kids fun and entertainment – We got a surprise as we waited for our food. The manager showed up at our table with what she called a little buddy (there was nothing little about it). It was a 10 pound lobster. My boys immediately gave it a name: “Manny”.

This was a huge hit. During the 15 minutes that we spent with him a number of visitors from other tables joined in on the fun.

Fun Fact – It takes a lobster 7 years to gain an average of 1 pound. So this guy must have been over 70 years old!

Food Time – Atlantic Fish Company is known around Boston as one of the best restaurants of the city. With good reason. They have a famous executive chef: Danny Levesque and a service that is unforgettable. As a mom this was huge for me, there aren’t many restaurants that are truly kid friendly, even if they say they are.

Appetizers – This is one of those restaurants where you want to try everything. So I really liked that some of the appetizers are simply smaller portions of the main entrees. You get to try both without having too much.

new england clam chowder

What we ordered:

– Jumbo Lump Crab Cake
– Lobster Ravioli
– Scallops Wrapped in Bacon – this will bring you to absolute ecstasy!

– Soups – Ordering a New England Clam Chowder is a given when you visit New England, so I did and OMG! I have never had such a creamy, heavenly soup.

– Entrees – There were six of us, each with a different palate, two of them belonged to kids under ten. So we ended up going for a diverse selection that allowed us to have a taste of everything.

– Maine Lobster – Another must do when in New England is to have lobster! At this restaurant you can get lobsters of up to 3 pounds. I had one that was 1 and ¼ pounds and was satiated.

– Costa Rica Mahi Mahi – This was among the catch of the day options. We got to choose between English Peas with Sugar Snaps and Crushed New Potatoes as sides for it.

– The Captain’s Platter – This dish includes fried shrimp, scallops, clams, and fresh haddock. It was my son’s choice. He wanted to taste a bit of everything.

– Something for Everyone – My baby was easy to please. He had the corn on the cob saturated in butter that came with my lobster. I’m happy as long as he is.

Atlantic Fish Company Information

lobsters boston

I am not familiar with Boston, but still, the restaurant was really easy to find. It is next to Copley place in the center of town.

Because I love to plan and have everything ready before arriving, we had a reservation. As we were leaving and saw the hugh waiting line, I was glad we reserved and had a table waiting for us.

Atlantic Fish Company
761 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02116
Tel: 617-267-4000

If you have limited time and can only experience one top notch restaurant in Boston, this is the one you should go to. Plus, there are tables out side, where you can get the feel of the mood of the city as you enjoy the food.