SciencenterHave you had a chance to take your kids to a science museum lately? My kids love science museums and luckily I do too. Science museums are a great way for kids to explore and learn. 

Recently, I took the kids to the Sciencenter in Ithaca, NY. I had actually driven them to this museum before, but it was a Monday and they are closed on Mondays. From the outside of the building the museum looks like a ton of fun. I knew just from seeing it that we would have to come back someday! Two years later we finally made it and it more than lived up to my expectations. 

As you can see from the picture the Emerson Science Park is a large outdoor and full of fun things for kids to do. They can climb, pull, make music, play with sand and water features, make huge bubbles, and more. Our whole family had fun playing with the levers. The kids were actually able to lift my husband and I. I think the outdoor area makes this museum stand out from other science museums. The outdoor area alone would have been worth the visit.

Emerson Science ParkInside the museum you will find a whole assortment of handson exhibits, including a special place just for babies. My kids had fun playing with the water features and learning about space. 

If you have time they also have a neat putt putt area. Each whole has a science lesson to go with it.

Make sure to find an awesome place to eat. Ithaca is a cool town with lots of fun places. I wish I had know about the Moosewood restaurant before I went. Judy, our Vegetarian TravelingMom highly recommends it.

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