quonset3One of the ‘Rewards’ from the summer reading program at our library, are coupons to different museums and sites around Rhode Island.  The first coupon we redeemed this summer is to visit the Quonset Air Museum

Since the kids are now 4 and 6, and the fact that the love watching the airplanes from our local airport, made me think now was a good time to visit.

The Quonset Air Museum is an educational facility whose mission is to preserve Rhode Island’s aviation heritage.  The museum occupies three acres of what was once the Quonset Naval Air Station. The indoor facility is the Quonset Point hangar, built in 1945, houses a collection of aircraft, aircraft parts, and other historical artifacts.  When we first entered, the kids had fun looking at all of the models in the display case. There is an open classroom area and many glass cabinets filled with artifacts, uniforms, helmets and other artifacts. quonset2


That led into a very large hanger with planes and helicopters.  The kid could even climb into some, which was a bit intimidating but exciting.  Honestly, the ceiling of the hanger is quite disheveled and concerned my daughter a bit. In the center of the hanger, there is an area to sit and keep the very young occupied with toys and activities. 

quonset1You can also walk around and view some aircraft outdoors which is where most folks gather when they watch the annual Air Show.  We had a good time but I can imagine the kids appreciating it even more when they are older and into learning more of the history.

The Museum is located at 488 Eccleston Avenue, North Kingstown, RI 02852. (401) 294-9540