Morris-Jumel_MansionPresident’s week is almost over!  Hang in there.  School will start soon.  Really, it will.  And no longer will you have you have to figure out how to entertain the kids.  But there is still the weekend to get through, and here are two ideas to get you through it. On Saturday, celebrate George Washignton’s birthday at Manhattan’s oldest house, which served as his headquarters during the Revolutionary War.

Take a tour (guided tours only) and see where Washington hung out with cabinet members and future POTUS’s John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and John Quincy Adams.  At noon and at three The President himself (well, at least someone doing a good imitation) gives an interactive presentation to kids  and has them make birthday cards,  try on colonial costumes and be part of a scavenger hunt.

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Sunday, head out of your usual haunts, and go up to Harlem’s Studio Museum, where your kid can see the exhibit Harlem Postcards, and then learn how to make their own 3D postcard inspired by the exhibit.  After you’re done there, head to the world famous Sylvia’s restaurant for their famous Sunday Brunch.  Bring some Pepto.  It tastes great, but it’ll stay with you awhile!

Then, Sunday night, go home, tuck in the kidlings, and smile.  School starts Monday!