Olive Grove Italian Restaurant BaltimoreDuring a whirlwind trip to Baltimore last year to see my husband off to his deployment, we found ourselves dining out at one of the best Italian restaurants we’ve ever been to.

We arrived late in the evening and had hotel reservations near the airport.  Although it was tempting to drive into the city, we wanted to eat nearby.  After looking through the hotel’s list of nearby restaurants, we randomly picked the Olive Grove restaurant, because it was the only one that did not sound like fast food.

Italian restaurant in BaltimoreFrom the moment we walked, in we could tell it would be good. It’s a large beautiful Italian food restaurant not far from the airport. All entrees here come with endless Mediterranean salad and breadsticks. Their salad alone is worth a visit here.

That night we dined on New Orleans Chicken and Shrimp and the Northern Italian Platter. Our food was no less than amazing. Each of the entrees were around $20. The kids’ meals were average price and your standard kids’ meal.


I’m not familiar enough with Baltimore to know what restaurants are popular there, but I’m thinking this place has to be one of the best in the city and I highly recommend dining here the next time you’re in Baltimore.