New York Pass DiscountsFor a lot of people, the phrase: traveling to New York City raises three questions:

1. Will I be able to afford it?
2. How do I know what to see and do in NYC?
3. Will I have time to see all there is to see and do?

Growing up in this city, I never really saw it as a travel destination. But recently, my family and I decided to check it out – tourist style. At the time, I asked myself those same three questions. I know how expensive It can be. I also know that there is too much to see and do.

Traveling with kids came as an advantage to us, because we had to think of stuff to suit their needs. This instantly cut out a lot.

New York Pass 2But even with the options reduced, I was still worried about the attractions I’d pick.

What’s a mama to do? Get online and figure out how to do NYC right – time managed and on a budget!

That’s how I found New York Pass.

How to Get the Best New York Pass Discounts

1. The Card – The card is similar to a prepaid credit card for up to 80 attractions. But you also get discounts to certain Broadway shows and restaurants. And you get all this for an affordable price. When you get to the attraction you want to see, you simply give it to the teller, they swipe it in their machine and you are in.

2. Attractions – One price covers visiting 80 different attractions. It comes with a guidebook that you can put in your pocket for better guidance of the attractions, but also a map of Manhattan, including the public transportation routes.

New York Pass 3

3. Fast Pass capabilities – They use a similar system to the one in Disney. Some attractions have a fast pass icon next to them on the booklet. It means that at those attractions you get to cut the line and the entrance is already paid for.

4. Discounts – You can save up to $550 per person. The more days you buy the larger the discounts become. This includes Broadway shows and restaurants.

My Take on the New York Pass for Family Travel

Brilliant – That’s the only way I find to describe it.

I can’t imagine going on vacation to New York without one of these in hand. It is basically a key to the city. I don’t know what people did before this card exist.

As good as it is, there is one thing that bothered me: we didn’t have the time to take full advantage of it.

Listing the attractions and possibilities that you get with the card would make this post way too long. It’s best if you check out the website. They even have a video where you can see how it works, for you to choose what you are comfortable with.

Now you can visit NYC without breaking the bank!