NY Pass

Photo credit: Caroline Murphy / Smarty Pants TravelingMom

80 New York City attractions in two days — sounds impossible, right? It is, but with a New York Pass, traveling families can visit as many Manhattan attractions as they can fit into a day.

My family and I partnered with the New York Pass for our NYC family travel trip in late November. Our 2-day New York Pass gave us access to over 80 attraction in and around Manhattan, which makes it a Smart Mama product – an item enhancing parenting through time, cost or ingenuity.  Fellow family travel writers have used it, including TravelingMom writers Marina Villatoro and Judy Antell, so I had a good feeling about it.

Using the New York Pass App

Our first stop was the New York Pass app. This free download from Apple or Google, allowed us to scroll through the long list of possible attractions to visit during our few days in the city. With the app we could do this while sitting on the couch, bed or even on the flight to JFK.  The New York Pass website was also extremely valuable. We later received the attractions book that my 7-year-old loved to study.

NY Pass Top of the Rock

Top of the Rock with the New York Pass.
Photo credit: Caroline Murphy / Smarty Pants TravelingMom

TMOM disclosure graphicAs we scrolled through the long list of attractions accepting the New York Pass was stuck – we wanted to do it all! The 7-year-old said YES! to everything I suggested. She was so excited. My husband Tom was a bit more practical with what might work better in terms of location.  Heavily based on weather (it was freeeeeeezing cold that week) and temperament of the kids (2 & 7) we opted to use our New York Pass at the American Museum of Natural HistoryTop of the RockMuseum of Modern Art and Statue of Liberty Cruise & Tour. We did have commitments with friends and family in the area, so our “tourist time” was limited more than usual. We most certainly could have done two or more attractions if we had had the time.

With the New York Pass, our tickets to each of these attraction were “prepaid.” We simply had to go to the ticket counter, show our pass and and we were handed the tickets. Yes, that easy. The Statue of Liberty did require advanced notification/reservation.

What we liked best about the New York Pass was the flexibility it gave us. We weren’t tied down to a certain museum because we had just spent a fortune (NY attractions aren’t cheap) on admission tickets. If one child got cranky or if we didn’t like the attraction we could leave and head somewhere else on the list without feeling guilty. I believe this type of flexibility is great for families. You just never knew who is going to like what. The New York Pass gave us the opportunity to do as much or as little as we wanted. This is imperative when traveling with little ones. 

NY Pass MoMA

Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art with the New York Pass
Photo credit: Caroline Murphy / Smarty Pants TravelingMom

New York Pass Prices & Discounts

You can purchase a New York Pass online at NewYorkPass.com. I came across different discounts online for the pass. Adult passes are $85/adult and $60/child for one day. The price per day lowers when you buy more days. The New York Pass also offers decent discounts on a variety of dining, shopping and tour venues. Check out the entire list: http://www.newyorkpass.com/En/new-york-attractions/