rogerwilliamsparkmuseumI recall many times I would take my babies to the Roger Williams Zoo and would drive past the Museum of Natural History & Planetarium and think, when they are older, I am going to bring them here. Well, the babies are now 5 & 6 so it is time to go. I am sure they would love the experience.

“Among the natural history collections are 175,000 preserved plants and animals such as insects, mollusk shells, birds, and mammals. There are also 15,000 earth science specimens consisting of rocks, minerals, and fossils. The cultural collections consist of about 20,000 archaeological artifacts, mostly from North America. They also contain 4,000 ethnographic objects such as baskets, textiles, tools, and carvings with special emphasis on Oceania and Native North America.”

The museum also offers Family Programs including bird walks, hikes and home school programs. Plus, they just opened a new exhibit called Alien Worlds: New Discoveries around Distant Stars. I bet there are many older kids that would want to run to this exhibit.alien


The Museum also runs programs during school vacation and the summer. I cannot wait to see what they have planned for this summer!

The Museum is open every day from 10:00am until 5:00pm. Museum admission is $2 ($1 for children under 2-7 years old.) Planetarium Admission is $3 ($2 for children 4-7 years old. No one under age 4 is permitted in the planetarium.)  This includes entrance to the Museum and galleries.

Please note: The Museum does not accept Credit/Debit Cards. Cash or Check only.