No matter how good it is, you can only do so much shopping on vacation.  You’ll discover at least a day’s worth of successful shopping and entertainment at the well-known outlet shops in Freeport (especially their L.L. Bean store).  But, when you find yourself saying, “I can’t possibly step into one more store,” here’s what a group of friends visiting the area found to do on one glorious day in Freeport, Maine.

what are things to do in freeport maine

Brunswick Farmer’s Market. Photo credit Sherry Wernicke, Luxe Traveling Mom.

I have friends who own a second home in Freeport, Maine, who graciously invited invite us to spend multiple weekends.  We recently took advantage of their hospitality and spent a lovely weekend with them and several other families.  After spending some time shopping on Friday, we decided to opt for more active and go “native” Saturday. Here’s how we spent a glorious weekend day in Freeport!

Freeport, Maine Adventure

On our Freeport adventure, we took to the road,  countryside, and  water for some fun.  If you don’t have access to sporting equipment like we did, you can always sign up for one of L.L. Bean’s Outdoor Discovery Schools or rent the equipment in town.  They will even bring the kayaks to you at the water.

But, no matter what you decide to do, keep a look out for the Oreo cows.  They are actually Belted Galloways, but don’t you agree they look like a giant Oreo cookie!

what are fun things to do in freeport maine

Belted Galloway cows affectionally known as “Oreos”. Photo credit Arlene Avidan.

Take a Hike in Freeport Maine

How can you travel to Maine without loving the outdoors — and getting outside and literally, taking a hike.  Freeport has several really nice parks in the area, including Wolf’s Neck Woods and Bradbury State Park.  While it’s great to explore, don’t forget the bug spray and sunscreen.

things to do in freeport maine like take a hike

Setting out on a hike in Wolfe’s Neck Woods State Park. Photo credit Sherry Wernicke, Luxe Traveling Mom.

Visit the Farmers’ Market

With many to choose from, we hit the Brunswick Farmers’ Market at Crystal Springs on Saturday.  Over 40 vendors make this one of the largest in Maine.  It is easy to get EVERYTHING you need for dinner, including lobster.  Find a variety of local and fresh produce, dairy, meats, fish, baked goods, and artisanal products.

I can personally vouch for the gluten-free brownies, multigrain bread and pretzels, tomatoes, zucchini, corn, arugula, and a salad with edible flowers.

Of note…We realized we forgot eggs, but as luck would have it, they were being sold on an honor system along the side of the road.  You leave your $3 in the cooler and take your dozen eggs.  Gotta love it!

Some of the gorgeous produce at Brunswick Farmers' Market. Photo credit Sherry Wernicke, Luxe Traveling Mom.

Some of the gorgeous produce at Brunswick Farmers’ Market. Photo credit Sherry Wernicke, Luxe Traveling Mom.

Take to the Water in Freeport Maine

Our friends lived about 5 minutes from the South Freeport Harbor with access to Casco Bay, so water sports is a natural pastime.  With a “flotilla” in their garage of kayaks and SUPs, we loaded up the car and headed out.  We spent almost 2 hours on the water, switching kayaks and boards half-way in.  A special treat was seeing an Osprey flying overhead, guarding the nest with at least 5 babies peeking out.  And, of course, with Harrraseeket Lunch & Lobster right there, we had to grab a bite to eat after a hard morning on the water.

what are things to do near freeport maine like water sports

Getting ready for our water adventure. Photo credit Sherry Wernicke, Luxe Traveling Mom.


things to do in freeport maine

Photo credit Harraseeket Lunch and Lobster.

Go for a Bike Ride

Maine is a bike-friendly state where it’s the law that cars have to give bike riders a 3-foot berth. Of course, we wanted to take to the road for a little cruise.  Plus, we had 2 triathletes and a cyclist among us. There are so many quiet, country roads to choose from that are in great shape for riding and lined with trees for plenty of shade.  Driving up, it was easy to just put our bikes in the car (note to self – need to get that roof rack) and all the gear and go.

what to do in freeport maine ride a bike

Enjoying the great outdoors on our bikes. Photo credit Sherry Wernicke, Luxe Traveling Mom.

Go Blueberry Picking

With wild blueberries as the official fruit of Maine, how could we NOT go blueberry picking and bring some home with us? We choose Orchard Ridge Farm in Gotham.  After a lesson in the types of blueberries and how to pick, we each filled our Tupperware containers with fresh berries.

When blueberry season is over, the farm offers a variety of other fruits and vegetables, including apples, pumpkins, squash, and raspberries.  Their gift shop also offers honey and fresh eggs.  After munching on a few on the drive home, I placed the rest on a baking sheet and placed in the freezer.  Once frozen, I put in freezer bags.  I was instructed to do this by a native, so the berries wouldn’t freeze together.  It works!

where can I pick blueberries in maine

The fruits of my labor, picking blueberries in Freeport, Maine. Photo credit Sherry Wernicke, Luxe Traveling Mom.

Host a BBQ

That night, we gathered our Farmers’ Market and blueberry farm bounty and made a feast. Everyone pitched in to cook.  We tasted fresh oysters, corn on the cob, tomato and mozzarella salad, homemade sausages, grilled zucchini, roasted potatoes, tossed salad, and what else, but blueberry crumble for dessert.  The perfect ending to the perfect, active day.

So, if you think all there is to Freeport, Maine is outlet shopping, I hope you see there’s so much more and take advantage of all it has to offer!

what are things to in freeport maine besides shopping