The MUST LIST for Mohonk Mountain, New Paltz, NY

When visiting, YOU MUST:

Stay:  Mohonk Mountain House
See:  Mohonk’s historic 19th-century castle (New York)
Do:  Outdoor sports like pavilion ice skating and snowshoeing
Eat:  Dip cookies and fruit into the chocolate fountain
Buy:  Spa treatment
Skip:  Formal dining room



Infant Amenities:  Call hotel for details
Kid Amenities:  Kids’ activity club every morning and afternoon
Teen Amenities:  Outdoor sports, teen room
Parent Amenities:  State-of-the-art spa
Restaurant 1:  Buffet dining hall
Restaurant 2:  Formal dining hall
Restaurant 3:
Fun Factor:  4
Kid’s Rating Overall (1-5 stars, 5 = best):  4
Parent’s Rating Overall:  4