trexVisiting Denver between now and January? You won’t want to miss the T.Rex Encounter going on now at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. Using advanced robotics and cutting-edge face recognition technology, you will come face-to-face with Sue, a life-size reproduction of the world’s most famous Tyrannosaurus rex excavated from the Black Hills of South Dakota in 1990. Feel her sizing you up as she tracks your every move. Her life-like movements will be sure to send tingles down your spine.

Also making an appearance are Triceratops guarding her eggs and a couple raptor dinosaurs having lunch and wondering if you’re on the menu. Beside each dinosaur are video screens that show you their exact view as they peer down at passers-by.

After meeting the dinosaurs in their original form, see a cast skeleton of Sue and her skull which measures five feet in length on its’ own and other casts of dinosaur bones in an engaging Sherlock Holmes mystery theater production. Watch a documentary-style video on the mystique of T. rex, participate in hands-on activities such as testing to see if your sense of smell is as keen as T. rex’s, peer through dino-view devices to see the world through the eyes of T. rex and Triceratops, get your picture taken with Sue in front of a green screen and much more.

The exhibit is free with your paid admission to the museum and will be in Denver through January 8th, 2012. In addition, tickets will be available for the museum’s IMAX Theater, featuring a DinoMAX 3D double feature: Dinosaurs Alive! And Waking the T. Rex: The Story of SUE. The museum is open from 9am to 5pm daily.