Twin_farms_1Ever wonder where Jay Z jets to when he wants to relax, recharge and get back to nature? Twin Farms has been the secret get away of the rich and famous for years, and then they invited me. Not rich or famous…and not a secret anymore.

With over 300 acres of pristine land and only 20 accommodations, Twin Farms gives a whole new meaning to the five star experience. For most of the year the resort is an adults only sanctuary. One week each summer and winter they invite families and serve up an unforgettable experience.

The Barnard, Vermont, resort is easy to get to from Boston or New York, yet feels a world away. Twin_Farms_2

Why it’s worth booking for the next family vacation week, or better yet, a getaway from the kids:


The Food

You will never eat this well in your life. I licked my plate clean at every meal, devoured every dessert, and lost weight. Yes, you read that correctly, it’s magic food. It all comes from the local farms and is prepared fresh just for you. Your personal chef (that’s how I liked to think of him) works off of a questionnaire you complete before you arrive. Everything is made just to your taste. I am wheat, dairy and gluten free. I hadn’t had dessert (cardboard texture cookies don’t count) in so long I almost cried with joy at every meal.

Twin_farms_3The Wine

OK, the sommelier Eric is a cutie, we can start there. And he played tag with my son at every meal. However, Twin Farms also boasts an impressive wine list and they pour the good stuff at every meal.

Twin_farms_4The Rooms

Each suite or cottage is completely unique and decorated for comfort.

The feather beds, fine linens and fireplaces with pre-made fires that only require the strike of a match are divine. The views are matched only by the impressive artwork on the walls.

The Setting

One hundred-year-old gardens surround the original farmhouse, there are hiking trails that wind for miles through the lush forest. There is nothing but nature as far as the eye can see. Because the entire property is gated I didn’t worry at all about Wilson wandering through the woods like we all did as children. One afternoon the children made fairy houses. Much to my surprise, my son couldn’t have been more enchanted with the idea. He and Elizabeth’s daughter (from Poshbrood) spent over an hour creating the perfect haven for a fairy to inhabit. The best part? Extra linens in every room, even the fairies get a five star experience. Copper Pond was my son’s personal favorite. It’s actually a fresh water spring and is more refreshing and fabulous than any pool in any resort anywhere. There are canoes that are easily managed, a rock to be “king” of and a little island for a private picnic.

Twin_farms_6The Spa

If you were to judge the book by its cover, this spa doesn’t compare to many resort spas. Until you start your treatment.

Because the property has so few guests you can always get an appointment, you never wait and every treatment I had actually ran long. They treated me to their signature Ultimate Body Treatment. It was over two hours of pure bliss.

Since I had clearly become royalty there, I tried the in-room massage that afternoon.

They set the table up on the screened in porch, lit a fire and I enjoyed the most over-the-top massage while listening to the wind rush through the leaves.

You Can Ask for Anything

Twin_farms_7Really, you can. You can have a picnic anywhere on the property, in a house, with a mouse, anywhere. One guest told me the story of the staff placing a heated blanket deep in the woods in the winter and leaving them a romantic picnic basket tucked in the snow.

Wilson and I took a basket full of pb&j out in the canoe as he insisted that we were going to have our own special picnic on the island. He was so sincere, he wouldn’t even let me paddle, it was a magical afternoon with my son that I’ll never forget. 

For those of us unlucky enough not to have our own country estate with staff, Twin Farms will make you feel to the manor born (as we all know you are).

Twin Farms is a Virtuoso property and if you book through our friend Poshbrood/SmartFlyer, guests will receive a room upgrade, lowest rates and champagne and strawberries in the room at arrival. Email them at!