Photo by Jamie Bartosch/Suburban TravelingMom

Brenner Chocolate Bar in New York City has a menu that’s gonna make you drool. Photo by Jamie Bartosch/Suburban TravelingMom

Deciding what to order can be extremely difficult at Max Brenner in New York City. Almost every item on the 22-page menu prompts a decadent “oooooh!” moan, followed by a read-out-loud description for the entire table.

Ice cream bar fondue, with fresh dippings sauces? Or a chocolate hazelnut milkshake with whipped cream? Hmmm….

Max Brenner’s is a growing chain inspired by “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” I heard about it from watching one of those Food Network specials. While a bit pricey, it lived up to the hype. If your family loves chocolate, you’re going to love it. For us, it was a perfect, fun, after-the-Broadway-show stop.

Before I describe the delicious treats, an important piece of advice about dining here: MAKE RESERVATIONS. You can do it online, easily. I made ours earlier that afternoon, and it allowed us to walk right past the hour-long line at 11 p.m.. Sweet.
I mean, literally.
Photo by Jamie Bartosch/Suburban TravelingMom Max Brenner's Chocolate Bar serves its famous hot chocolate in "Hug Mugs."

Max Brenner’s Chocolate Bar serves its famous hot chocolate in “Hug Mugs.” Photo by Jamie Bartosch/Suburban TravelingMom

Our “appetizer” was a salted caramel hot chocolate, served in one of their trademark “Hug Mugs” – a small gravy boat-styled mug that you have to wrap your hands around. We asked to split it, and it was brought to us pre-split.

The S’mores Crepe, and the Melting Chocolate Cake & Shake, were also oh-my-God good. Both were presented on these cute platters, with melted chocolate in a little science beaker and mini-shaker, so you said “Aw!” before you said “Yum.” The adorable presentation added a lot to the excitement of our desserts.

I saw families sharing fondue and s’mores at other tables in the large restaurant. By the time you pay your bill and wander over to their little gift shop, where they sell Hug Mugs and other candy, you might be overstuffed with chocolate. Or is there room for just a little more?

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