McSorleysNeed a quick, quirky, thirst-quenching stop in New York City? Want a location that’s chock full of history and memorabilia? Look no further than McSorley’s Old Ale House on 15 East 7th Street.

Established in 1854, this Irish pub has hosted some prominent guests. Abe Lincoln didn’t sleep there, but he had a drink there. John Lennon didn’t sing there, but he had a drink there. And Woodie Guthrie held court, his guitar, and probably a beer in this establishment. 

Until 1970 (Really? Really!), McSorley’s was a Men’s Only pub/club, bowing to co-ed customers only after legal action forced the issue. Today, women can hail an ale with ease and pull up a chair on the sawdust covered floor in the once good old boys’ club. McSorley’s motto has long been “Be Good or Be Gone”. The packed pub reflects a loyal and lively clientele where beer reigns supreme and martinis aren’t on the menu.
PS: I bought my own ale.