Lured by its European charm, I visited Boston many times. In recent years, it became our family’s tradition to visit the city for our son’s birthday in October. We stayed in many different hotels until we discovered Hyatt Cambridge Overlooking Boston. It turned into our instant favorite. The name says it all – the views of Boston’s skyline are fantastic!

Hyatt Cambridge Overlooking Boston, on the top right of the building terraces overlooking Boston – Photo by Yvonne Jasinski

Hyatt Cambridge Overlooking Boston, on the top right of the building terraces overlooking Boston – Photo by Yvonne Jasinski

This year with my husband busy at work, I traveled solo for my son’s 22nd birthday. I had majority of the day for myself because the birthday boy had afternoon classes at Boston University.

My goal was to explore Cambridge, especially Harvard Museum of Natural History. I do not know what I was thinking when after a smooth five-hour drive from Pennsylvania, I decided to drive to the museum before checking to the hotel.

It was Friday and Parents Day at Harvard. Not a single spot to park. Some streets were closed due to construction but my GPS did not see it.  After circling around for a half hour, I realized that the smartest thing to do is to check into my hotel and use its free shuttle to navigate Cambridge.

As Hyatt’s Platinum member, I was awarded with a 14th floor room with its own terrace. When I walked in, I was blinded by the view. I did not even pay attention how the room looked like. I poured myself a glass of wine and went outside to enjoy the view.

Hyatt Cambridge Overlooking Boston

Hyatt Cambridge Overlooking Boston – fantastic views of Boston and Charles River

Next, with writing a review on my mind, I took a tour of the hotel. I spend a lot time walking around, observing hotel’s staff, examining the interior and outside areas. These are my finding:

What Works For Families


I stayed in many different hotels with exceptional views, but Hyatt Cambridge beats the majority of them. It offers unobstructed views of Boston and Charles River, spectacular day or night.

2. Outdoor Areas

Even though only selected rooms have an outdoor space with the views, there are many different outdoor areas for guests to enjoy.

Hyatt Cambridge Overlooking Boston

Hyatt Cambridge Overlooking Boston – photo by Yvonne Jasinski

 3. Location

This hotel is very easy to reach from major highways. It delivers a peaceful setting but still a close proximity to Boston, just across the bridge. It is perfectly situated for parents visiting their children in Boston and Cambridge’s colleges. It also a good base for families with younger kids to visit Boston attractions. See here 16 FREE Things to do in Boston

4. Shuttle

Free van service is available to three Cambridge locations, including Harvard Square. Later that day, I used it to visit Harvard Museum of Natural History.

5. Restaurant

It offers excellent views and an outdoor sitting. I like the interior design and how specious it is.

Hyatt Cambridge Overlooking Boston, restaurant

Hyatt Cambridge Overlooking Boston, restaurant – Photo by Yvonne Jasinski

6. Clean and Comfortable Rooms

My room was not large, but it was very clean, well kept and had everything I needed for a comfortable stay. The bathroom was spotless.

Hyatt Cambridge Overlooking Boston - hotel room

Hyatt Cambridge Overlooking Boston, my room with the view – Photo by Yvonne Jasinski

7. Pool and Gym

The pool is large and well kept and it comes again with a huge terrace and the views of course. I can imagine that during the summer this combination is a big draw. I am not a gym goer, but for me it looked with equipment.

8. Parking

In Cambridge street parking is by permit only. The hotel offers plenty of parking. It is open to the public.

9. Convenient Grab-n-Go Market

It offers pastries, snacks, beverages, freshly made coffee, etc.

10. Service

I found the service to be a top notch. From the moment I emailed the concierge with questions to the moment I checked out, the service was outstanding.

11. Path Along the river 

The path is perfect for walking, jogging or simply sitting on a bench and enjoying the views.


What Does Not Work

Overall, the hotel met majority of my needs, but of course there is always room for improvement.

1. Limited Restaurant Menu

I wanted to have a birthday dinner with my son at the hotel, but the dinner menu is almost non-existent. The restaurant felt nice and cozy but we had to leave in search of better food. Breakfast and lunch menus are much more appealing.

2. Expensive Parking 

I am simply stating the fact that you have to pay $38 for 24 hours of parking. This is normal for city like Boston. There is no way around it.

3. Outdoor Terrace Needs Some TLC

I enjoyed the views tremendously but the terrace needs to be spruced up, especially the floor tiles.

4. Pool Hours

This is something that bothers me in many hotels. Pools close way too early. When gusts are done with their daily activities they come to their hotel  – at night! Only then they are ready to relax at the pool, but the pool closes at 10:00 p.m. and on Saturdays at 9:00 p.m.

Hyatt Cambridge Overlooking Boston

Hyatt Cambridge Overlooking Boston – view at night. Photo by Yvonne Jasinski

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How I Paid for This Stay

I used Hyatt Credit Card’s anniversary night. Hyatt card offers a fantastic opening bonus of two nights in any Hyatt hotel worldwide after you spend $1000 in three months from the opening of your accounts. An annual fee is waived for the first year. Then the fee is $75 but it comes with an anniversary night in Hyatt category 4 hotels and lower. This is way below nightly rates in Hyatt hotels.

See why using credit cards is a smart choice.