hockinghills I visited Hocking Hills, Ohio last year during a press tour and fell in love with Old Man’s Cave. I’m a city girl – NYC born and bred. So, to see nature at its best is something I will never forget. It was my very first hike – and what a wonderful hike it was. The caves that time and weather created were simply… beautiful. You coudln’t help but just stop, breath and think, “THIS is what life is all about”. Though I can’t say I was preprared. My “hiking shoes” were UGGs.

Yikes. Did I mention I was a city girl?

This morning, I received notice to mark my calendars for the 2012 Annual Winter Hike of Old Man’s Cave to Ash Cave. If you plan on being in the area on January 21st, this is something NOT to be missed. Not only will you get to enjoy Southeast Ohio’s nature wonders, but there will be a hot bowl of bean soup waiting for you once you reach Cedar Falls.



Starting times are continuous between 9AM and 11AM. Since the hike is slated for January, the Hocking Hills Tourism Association is recommending that you wear “layered clothes and good traction footwear.” So, in other words – no UGGs.

For more information about the Old Man’s Cave hike, visit http://1800hocking.com or call 1(800) 462 5464