HersheyPark thrills are located in Chocolate Town USA, also known as Hershey PA. Just a short drive from Maryland, DC and Philly, take an action packed day trip or make a fabulous weekend of it. Your teens and tweens are sure to have a day full of thrills.

hersheypark thrills

HersheyPark is located in Chocolate Town USA photo credit: Jennifer Greene Tween ‘n Teen Traveling Mom

Living less than 90 miles from Chocolate Town USA. no surpise that we have been regular visitors to Hershey Park for years. This park is perfect for kids of every age, but today I let’s talk about the big kids in the family. My girls are nine years apart and for many years my youngest sat on the sidelines crying that she wasn’t big enough to ride with her sister. Thanks to Hershey Park we were hosted this summer to see all of the new attractions. My tween was ecstatic as she FINALLY rode almost every attraction. Yes, that’s; right my almost 8 year-old rode 90% of the rides. It truly is fun for the entire family.

Hershey Park is a family favorite for east coast residents because it is easily accessible and offers attractions for every age in the family. It was fun to watch my girls experience these thrilling rides together for the first time.

Here are our top HersheyPark Thrills


Offering 13 roller coasters Hershey Park is great for thrill-seeking kids. The best part is only four of those are meant for 52″ height requirements and up. That leaves nine coasters for everyone in the family to enjoy,

  • The Comet is a classic wooden coaster located in The Hollow and sure to be a hit with the entire family. The minimum height requirement is 42″. Even your younger thrill seekers can ride this.
  • Sky Rush is a high speed, zero-gravity coaster that will send you to new heights. While my youngest is too small for this coaster, my teen will ride it more than once in a day. Get ready to touch the sky!
  •  Laff Trak is the newest coaster at Hershey. An indoor, swirling, spinning, silly unexpected ride. I rode with the kids. While I laughed hysterically, I am not sure my stomach can handle it again. Kids of all ages can ride this as well.
  • The SooperDooperLooper was the first looping coaster on the East Coast. This visit was my youngest daughters first upside down coaster. She is hooked now. That is all.
hersheypark thrills

Thrills for Teens & Tweens at HersheyPark photo credit: Jennifer Greene Tween ‘n Teen Traveling

 The Boardwalk

The Boardwalk at Hershey Park is included in park admission and allows for a few hours of fun to cool off on hot summer visits.

  • For an instant thrill hop, be prepared to get completely soaked on Tidal Force as you fly down its steep soaking hill.
  • We love to play in the Shore at Hershey, also known as a giant wave pool.
  • Kids of all ages can try their hand at surfing on the Waverider. If anything, it’s fun to watch them laughing each time they wipe out. My girls tried two or three times.
  • The entire family can relax together on the Intercoastal Waterway
  • You can’t leave The Boardwalk without a taking a ride down Whirlwind! My girls rode together in a 2 person tube and in their words: “Mom, I swear we were going off the edge; it was so fast!”

Aside from the coasters and waterpark, there’s more to enjoy at HersheyPark. On our hot day  visit, we gave the Coal Cracker a whirl. I don’t remember the hill being so steep in the past; my girls laughed hysterically as I hid my face and screamed. What happened to log flumes that didn’t literally come up off the ground when they come down the hill?

More HersheyPark Thrills

It’s all about HersheyPark thrills. If your kids want fast, scary and downright crazy rides, HersheyPark will be their new BFF amusement park. All of these are non-mom rides. I felt better watching from the ground.

  • The Flying Falcon will take you high above the park. Then turn sideways and spin out of control as it comes back to the ground.
  • Frontier Flyers soar above the trees. You can “fly your carriage using the front fin.” You can really get these up fast!
  • The Claw is just plain craziness to me; the kids, however, LOVED it. This swinging pendulum will take you on a thrilling ride 64 feet in the air!

This list is just the tip of the iceberg to having a HersheyPark Happy day. With over 70  attractions, you’ll discover something for everyone in the family.

There is still one weekend left to enjoy The Boardwalk as it closes on September 5 for the season. HersheyPark remains open every weekend in September until the 25th.

If you will be close to the Hershey, PA area, plan for a day or two at HersheyPark and leave HersheyPark Happy!

What is your favorite attraction at HersheyPark?