Harry Potter mania has hit New York City.  The city that never sleeps is now also home to the Harry Potter: The Exhibition at New York City’s Discovery Time Square. This unique exhibit brings Harry Potter fans up close and personal with props and costumes used in the Harry Potter movies as well as nuggets of trivia.


harry potter the exhibition artifacts
Exhibit goers weave their way through Hogwarts with artifacts from the real sets of the Great Hall, Hagrid’s Hut, and the Gryffindor common room.  Book and movie fans will love seeing the sorting hat, wands, and models of characters like Dobby the house elf.Quidditch fans can even try their hand at tossing a Quaffle.

gryffindor harry potter the exhibition


Long time fans of Harry Potter will be excited to see the artifacts that helped tell the story that made the book and movie so special. My favorite part of the exhibit was seeing Harry’s original wand and seeing several of the costumes from Hogwarts Yule Ball. We did not take the audio tour, but one is available to give even more detail about the artifacts.

Those that have  not read the books or seen the movies will become quickly acquainted with details and maybe even be inspired to start reading the books. For tour goers that have not read the books yet, they might want to start reading fast since the exhibit does give you insider looks into the story across all seven books. Also, parts of the exhibit can be a little dark, like the Forbidden Forest, so families with young children may want to prepare their young fans in advance.

While the price of tickests for a family are not inexpensive ($19.50 for children aged 4-12, and $27.00 for adults) this would be a great rainy day alternative in New York City.  Also, the convenient Times Square location also makes this perfect for families that are Harry Potter fans, and need a more contained and indoor activity while rounding out a trip to experince the dolce vita in NYC

Harry Potter: The Exhibition is a timed entry experience that runs through April 7, 2013.  Tickets can be purchased online or at the box office or by phone.

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