new Laguardia Airport

Rendering of the new Laguardia Airport, fro Governor Cuomo’s Flikr account.

Will a new LaGuardia Airport be the promised panacea to NYC airport woes?

New Yorkers in the know avoid LaGuardia Airport like the plague – it is overcrowded, difficult to get to, and notorious for delays. Even Vice President Joe Biden referred to it last year as a “third world” facility.

That should all change.

According to the New York Times, the outdated airport will be torn down and completely rebuilt, along with a much anticipated public transit link, opening in 2019.

Jaded New Yorkers who have been waiting for the long delayed Second Avenue subway, have good reason to be skeptical of one-time completion (which is estimated as 2021). But the ambitious plan does seem to minimize chaos with a new terminal rising before the old airport is razed.


The $4 billion project, announced by Governor Andrew Cuomo, includes consolidating disparate terminals into one grand terminal, and moving that terminal closer to the highway, offering more runway space.

The construction is slated to start next year. [Native New Yorkers, insert a loud laugh here.]

It’s the rail link (and planned ferry service) that have me most excited. There is an extremely long public bus ride to the airport that my husband took years ago. Really, the only option for getting to and from LaGuardia is by cab. Cab rides to LaGuardia in rush hour involve much stomach churning and prayer. We once missed a flight because we sat in so much traffic on our way to the airport. A viable rail link, plus extra runways, can finally usher LaGuardia into the 20th century.

And yes, I am aware we are actually in the 21st century now…